Podcasters July 9, 2020

Does anyone have any podcasts related to startups?

Bree @breedaddy

Interested in listening to more tech related podcasts about startups. Would love to subscribe and give it a listen.

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    Our show may fit what you're looking for. https://www.runwithit.fm

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    Hey there, host of Founders Couch here!
    Our pod is about some of the most promising tech startups in the country. We interview the most inspiring student founders from schools like Stanford, MIT, and more...Check it out, subscribe if you like, and let us know what you think :)

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    This popular podcast focuses on more mainstream technology companies than typical IndieHacker fare; however, the research, production quality, and narrative are so high quality it still makes a great listen. Highly recommend: https://www.acquired.fm/

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    Our podcast isn't exclusively about startups, but pretty much always ends up there 🤣 https://theaotf.com it's called "The Art of the Fail" would love to hear what you think..

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      Wow! Would love to reach out and see if I could be a guest host. Love the name and all.

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        Thank you! I'll keep you in mind for future seasons! We have episodes recorded and are slowly releasing them but nothing scheduled for a new season just yet :)

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          Definitely impressed already!

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      Thank you!! I've been inspired by listening to Podcasts. Helps me get things aligned for jemsplash.com

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    Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffmann
    Skip the rapid responses

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    Hi there, co-host of Hello Blink Show. It's for technical people who want to start their own business. Arguably more entrepreneurship related, but with technology and startup focus:


    We're getting into a nice groove after a few months of publishing episodes. Planning on sharing more data here on IH, but short version is we're seeing more active listeners each week. With additional downloads coming as new listeners discover the show.

    Would appreciate any/all feedback!

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      listening to episode 3 i love content marketing ....

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        ah if you enjoy that and are a bit of a nerd, you should totally check out Shawn's (my co-hosts) content on YouTube. thanks for listening!

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          sure by the way how do you get transcription for your podcast ? manually?

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            @theindianappguy yes manually creating show notes at time stamps at the moment :) We've seen enough traction that we're investing in more technology to streamline the process.

            Currently we use Basecamp for project management, Fireside.FM for podcast hosting, Audacity for editing. We've been creating local recordings with guests then merging.

            Planning on trying out Zencastr for recording. Transcription is on the "wish list" for sure.

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