Does anyone know or recommend a PPC consultation/service?

Looking to pay and work with a team.

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    Hi Pedro - I run a marketing agency and have a lot of experience in PPC/SEM, I'd love to talk to you.

    I just started a US LLC while living in England (and just moved to Finland), so I understand a bit of the problem you're trying to solve. It was confusing, and there's a lot of bad or outdated information out there.

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      I sent you an email! Thanks for reaching out.

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    I've said a few times lately, I think there is a market for a web app that:
    1.) You answer a few questions about your biz (B2B, B2C, is it a mobile app, is it SaaS, etc)
    2.) Based on those answers the web app determines the best place(s) for PPC and the best targets.
    3.) It then suggests content/keywords and asks you to write some advertising content and upload the necessary images.
    4.) It then posts to the identified PPC places at the right times/days to hit your target demographic.

    So, essentially "I give you money and with a few clicks you understand my business and post ads in the best places".

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