May 28, 2019

Does anyone use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to talk to potential customers?


Jason Cohen used LinkedIn to talk to 30 potential customers to validate his idea for WPEngine.

Has anyone done something similar?

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    Yes, our sales team at my company uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator quite a lot. It is very useful to find relevant B2B contacts but it depends on the industry/nice and your ability to use the search feature effectively. We have closed a few deals by reaching out to potential decision makers directly and it gives a more personalized approach along with the ability to see who are. If someone contacts me on linkedin, I am more inclined to give them a look because I can see their profile and learn more about them quickly. This of course requires that you have a solid linkedin profile already before you reach out to potential leads.

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    I was looking into it, but I get so much recruiter spam (first world engineer problems) that I don't see it being successful. I could be wrong, but I just couldn't justify cost.

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      You just gave me an idea. Thank you!

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        Awesome! I actually have a failed project under my belt related to responding to recruiter spam. Hopefully you can do something about it.

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          Care to elaborate? Can contact me in profile.

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