May 27, 2019

Does anyone use TikTok?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

I made a video for a laugh.

I wonder if we can create an indie hackers movement there? :) Short fun videos of our lives?


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    Tik Tok is a privacy nightmare, so nope, I don't use it 😬

    1. 1

      Oh, need to look into that :(

      1. 2

        Definitely. If you just search "tik tok privacy" you'll get a ton of articles on the matter. Plus, you can always read their Privacy Policy for yourself :)

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    I do! Let's do it!

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      I'm so new to TikTok...what's the best thing to do next? Just post stuff and use #indiehackers hashtag?

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        I'm probably almost as clueless as you are. I've had it for maybe 1 month now and I just post random things hoping to generate some natural traffic like twitter/IG in its early days. Yeah post stuff and lets use the #indiehackers hashtag. I just added you btw I'm David. Here's my link for other people