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Does anyone want to run these communities?

Courtland Allen @csallen

I moderate a bunch of groups on IH that I'd rather leave in others' hands for various reasons. Leave a short pitch below, and I'll pick people based on your contributions, past experiences, plans for the group, etc.

Hint: Running and growing communities is a lot of work, so I'd prefer to have active community owners who want to spend some time every week doing this!

Okay, here are my groups:

🌉 San Francisco – 51 members
I no longer live in SF. It'd make sense if the group had a moderator who did.

👩🏽‍💻 Product Development – 487 members

🎨 Design and UX – 427 members

🙅‍♀️ No-Code – 17,295 members
Keep people up-to-date. No-code is huge, so I imagine running this community well will involve lots of research, news roundups, AMAs, etc.

🤝 Looking to Partner Up – 15,187 members
It would be cool to see some creative prompts/events to get people sharing and meeting each other, or maybe working on test projects together.

👩🏽‍💻 Developers – 27,125 members
The second most popular group on IH. I've noticed Google loves picking up posts from this group in particular, too.

👨🏾‍🎓 Learning to Code – 170 members

✈️ Digital Nomads – 10,135 members

If you think someone would be a particularly good moderator, upvote them below, or tag them and encourage them to comment!

Also, if you're interested in taking over any of the inactive groups here started by other people, feel free to request that as well.

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    I'd be up for moderating Learning To Code. I'm a self-taught coder from way back.

    From the looks of it, it seems like we could do some things around a regular kind of 'show your work' theme (people showing off what they've made while learning), mentoring/help, sharing resources, reviewing different learning resources, etc.

    Might be fun to interview someone each month from IH who is a self-taught dev.

    Could be cool to put together mutual support cohorts of folks who are going through, say, Free Codecamp at the same time.

    Just a few ideas there.

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      Sounds good to me, join here and I'll make you a mod.

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    I would be happy to take over SF!

    Also would be v interested in helping w the Digital Nomads group, although I am locked in by COVID for the foreseeable future... maybe better for someone in a country who can still travel :/

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      Great, how about SF? I'll make you group owner as soon as you join here!

      1. 1

        Done! Very excited, thanks @csallen!

        1. 1

          You're the owner! Feel free to promote someone else to work together with you if you'd like to.

    2. 1

      Happy to run the SF group. Where'd you move, @csallen?

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    Hey courtland, I would be really interested in taking over the Product Development one. I’m an ex-Google PM with around 7 years of industry experience, including co-founding a few startups and making many, many side projects over the years

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      +1. I'd also love to help out with the Product Development community. I'm a software developer with product dev experience and I also get a kick out of working with people.

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    I'd be interested in helping out with the No-Code group!

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    @csallen I'd interested in joining Developers.

    I'm a Developer myself and coding professionally for 4.5 years now. Currently working in ThoughtWorks as Application developer.

    Im already part of multiple dev forums and I know how quality posts are moderated. I have been a part of Indiehackers for a long time now and Im pretty sure I can help with this now.

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    Hey @csallen, I'll be glad to take over Design and UX. I have a Master's in UX and currently a design founder

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    I’d love to moderate Product Development. I have been working as a product manager in SaaS startups for almost 5 years.

    I first started using IH for getting answers to my own problems which I was facing while building the products. Be it technical or non technical, both kinds of issues which makers face while building or shipping the product can be solved there with the engaging community. Because I know it sucks to be stuck at a problem while building something and this group can be great help along with other groups as well.

    I have been benefited by it in tons of ways and I’d love to give back by helping you moderate it.

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    I'd be up for taking either Developers, Learning to code or No code. I have a newsletter that teaches people how to code different lanuagues every 4 months. I.e the person would select what language they want to learn and over the next 4 months they get weekly emails with practice problems, lessons, tutorials and more in each one, starting from basics to advanced.

    I also am a full time developer currently and would love to run either of those 3. Im active on IH every day and think i would be a good fit for these. I also tutored undergrads when i was in college - so teaching and leading are some of the things I enjoy.

    Let me know if you have any questions for me.

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    Hi @csallen, I'd love to moderate the "Looking to partner Up" community. I have experience running mentoring programs (essentially 1-1 matching) and host events frequently for communities, which this could potentially benefit from.

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    I’d be happy to moderate NoCode, I run NoCodeDevs already so I’d probably be in a decent spot to work on it.

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    Hey @csallen, I would love run the No-code community.

    I am currently a PM at Yelp, and have about 10 years of experience.

    I have recently started building a community for product managers here:

    The community is hosted on Mighty Networks. In the past, I tried and tested other ready to use no-code communities like Discourse and Circle. Stuck with MN.

    Before, these tools I also started creating the community using Bubbleapps. Realized that a lot of what I wanted to build was already available in the above mentioned tools. A defunct prototype of the bubble app here:

    Currently, I am focusing my energy on building an audience for the community via a WhatsApp newsletter, which has 520+ subscribers as of now.

    All of my progress, roadmap and action plan is documented on Notion. After a few finishing touches, I plan to make my notion page public to the world. I would be more than happy to share it with you, if you want to take a look.

    I am able to do all of the above without a single line of code. I plan to continue my journey on the no-code path for as long as it can handle the scale.

    Finally, I am a big fan of the IH community and love the level of genuine engagement on the platform. If I am able to run the no-code community, I also hop to learn a thing or two about managing successful communities.

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    I would like to nominate my name for Digital nomad community.

    I already am a digital nomad for past 3 years and I know the high and lows of the life/work style.

    FAQs, Country specific questions, Visas, Interviews - Just some ideas that I can add value to the group.

    Few ideas on the top of my head.

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    Hi ,

    I would love to be responsible for the Developer or the Looking To Partner Group . I am a developer myself who loves to build and break things. I have always wanted to start my own company . I really like IndieHacker and would feel proud if I got to contribute in any way. Please let me know if you think my profile fits . Thank you!!

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    I am up for moderating Design and UX if no one else wants to.
    I'm a web developer / designer myself.

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    I would be up for Design and UX community. I have 10 years experience in design and would love to take over!

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    Not sure if you are open to growing the #crypto or create a #blockchain or #defi channel.

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    Hey @csallen

    Would love to moderate the no-code community. I do a lot of my prototypes using no-code well versed on the tools. It would be a privilege to add value to that community.


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    I moderate AskIH it went from 1-3 members in one day and hasn't moved an inch afterwards.

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    I would love to take care of the Product Development group. I am a Product Manager by profession and would love to contribute to my tribe :)

  20. 1

    🤚 for design community.

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    Hi @csallen I would like to join hand with someone and take over Digital Nomads. Pls suggest..

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    I can help running Digital Nomads community. I have been managing a property management company in 2 time zones (11-12 hours apart) since 2016. Working remotely has peaks and downsides so I learn a few collaborative tools to improve workflow, team relationships, and productivity. Besides, I'm building a digital directory that supports wantrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

    There are many pressing questions about digital nomads lifestyle that the community may have such as: How to know if digital nomads lifestyle is for you? What are financials tips for income stability? Especially in this challenging time, people will focus on their survival, mindset, and social connection more than ever.

    I want to lend you a hand to run Digital Nomads. That's my plans for those who want to stay connected in a community and receive support from digital nomads around the globe.

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    I'm interested in 'Looking to Partner Up' community,
    I've been organiser of tech community for a year, regarding networking personally i feel there's lot of gaps to fill, since i've faced it. I've few ideas for events/collaboration within community.

    Most pressing issue i assume's commitment, (to the idea, time, working together etc)
    so if we could categorise, have different commitment level but to focus on networking / learning from each other, helping out then eventually partnering up would be easier.

    It's difficult to ask for as well as accept a cofounder than working together for a week and share complementary skills, again it's case by case. just my 2 cents. could collect other ideas/suggestions. we could've regular catchups as well.

    @csallen could you share other responsibilities for moderator, if possible would be happy to do together with a pair/ other interested folks.

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    I would like to take over a group as a modarator. I am new here but I can spend times on any groups you assign me.


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    I'd be interested in the no-code, developers and/or the design and ux spots. I am currently building a no-code startup and work daily as a product designer at DO so I have lot of experience in well both design & development. As far as experience, I help mentor in the /r/startups discord, and I am trying to be more active in the indiehacker community. Honestly just happy to help out!

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    Developers my precious!

  27. 1

    Hello @csallen I will be interested in running the no code community.

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    I'm newbie in Indiehackers. But I'm interested to moderate Design and UX group. I'm a designer myself and working on UI/UX project as well. Would love to know more about the expectation of this collaboration!

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    Hey Courtland, I would love to moderate Looking to Partner Up group. I would like to improve activity and moderate user engagements. I enjoy working with startups and making sure that people can optimise collaboration.
    Thank you

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    Hi Courtland, I might be interested in moderating the Developers group.

    Could you describe a bit what are the expectations from a group moderator?

    Thanks! 😊

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    I wouldn't mind taking on product development.

    Ummm... I'm not a great pitcher but I live for Product Development. Hopefully my contributions on IH speak for themselves.

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    Hi @csallen, i'm interested in taking the Digital nomads one. I'm a digital nomad myself and as other digital nomads know, one of the most challenging part of being a digital nomad is dealing with loneliness. Me and my team are creating a platform called digital nomad finder to help digital nomads find each other through a map and we also created a website where digital nomads can find remote jobs and many other projects, all to support digital nomads. Therefore i would love to manage the community.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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