Course Creators March 30, 2020

Does CourseFit seem useful to you?

Nate Turner @npturner

I have created an MVP of that pulls together creator courses that are built on platforms like Teachable, Kajabi, Podia, etc. and allows people to find and upvote them in one place.

For any of you that have already created courses on these platforms, is this interesting to you have a place where you can add your courses and eventually promote them? Without it, most indie creators are limited to selling their course to the audience they have created for themselves and this would allow them get early exposure the same way sites like IndieHackers and ProductHunt helps companies get early traction for their new products.

I would love any/all feedback from anyone that has created or is creating courses and feel free to add your courses for free.

Thanks in advance!

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    I love the essence of the idea, but you could add much more value by showing the best courses in their areas, since there are so many copies, chatters and very low quality content, that if you can do that, you would have a fan. Me

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      Noted. Thanks!

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    I like it. Have you checked out Your product could follow a similar model.

    Keep going! :)

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      how does make money?

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      Thanks, Akhil! I hadn't seen before so thanks for sharing. Definitely a good example of the direction I'm going. :)

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    I really like this - well done; I also like your design style. I will add this to my to-do pages to check when I'm looking to upskill. Thanks for sharing!

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      One comment though: "Discover Creator Courses" didn't make much sense to me, I had to scroll around to understand what you meant with "creator courses". Could "Discover Founder Courses" work? I'm not a native speaker so it could just be my english :-)

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        Thanks. I said 'creator' because that's what the course platforms typically say but will think about some alternate wording.

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    This is cool. Already found some course that I can use... 🙂A couple of feedback points...

    1. Reduce the header size and make the list front and center
    2. Except for the last 3 filters, all others are mutually exculsive, so better remove the previous filter (eg., development) when a new filter is selected (eg., business)
    3. Move the last 3 filters into a check box list or dropdown to make it more explicit
    4. Probably make the site more interactive by providing ability to add course reviews (like for courses). Not sure how to build traction to get reviews but I'd love to visit such resource and pick the right course for me
    5. Provide a way for visitors to subscribe to get new courses into their inbox
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      Thanks! Appreciate the feedback on some of the filter functionality & reviews.

      And bummer! I just removed the newsletter signup yesterday and haven't added another option back in haha.

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    It looks like a good idea! I have, however, some questions...

    If the upvote is open to anyone, how are you going to validate the person rating is actually someone who followed to course?

    Are you going to consider also downvotes or ratings? Or a metric like what Booking does, through questions instead of an explicit value?

    If you pull data from other content providers, such as Udemy or Skillshare, how are you going to normalize? You know, 100% positive votes with 10 opinions or 95% positive votes with 1000 opinions, what ranks better?

    And one off-topic. You are focusing on a market which has the problem of the cost of validating. Unless you have a gigantic social following, it is very hard to build a succesfull crowdsourcing campaign. But perhaps for course generators the approach could be different. Sort of a patron-like with a top on the amount, but with a lower risk for supporters in case of no completion or delay...

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      Thanks for the feedback. For the most part I am focusing on a functionality like Product Hunt so not really downvoting or validated reviews, though I'd like to get to the reviews piece at some point.

      I don't plan on pulling anything in from Udemy or Skillshare since those are their own ecosystems. I'm trying to surface all of the courses that aren't on those.

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    I love it! How do you aggregate the courses?

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      Thank you! So far it has been scraped + manual so definitely not getting them all aggregated yet.

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    Don't go with a massive hero header for a search engine. I would like to see the search field when i open up the page without scrolling down

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      Seems to be common feedback, thanks!

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Thanks, Shiva. Yes, Datacamp looks good since they own all of the content and can normalize it a bit more.

      Agree that verified feedback will be good to get to in the future.