Does having the payment plan visible from the homepage negatively affect new users

On the homepage of EatRadar .. http://www.eatradar.com I have a pricing option. I offer everything you get from Yelp, Zomato, tripadvisors for free + more on my website.

I feel like having the monthly plan thing on the homepage can possibly drive users away. The app is completely free to use and you can find everything you need to simply by being a free user.

When you go to the app and press certain features, you will receive a window that tells you that you need to subscribe to access certain features.

Should I remove anything about pricing/payment from the homepage and let users discover that on premium features by themselves?

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    This is a single date point but, I have more confidence in apps witch have a clear plans beside being free so in my case it is better that you have subscription plan on the front page.

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      Alright, thank you for the response !

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    Personally I hate when apps don't show pricing clearly or in the menu bar.

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    I'd say it better to outline what you get for free and what you get when you pay on your homepage, that way the user knows what to expect. Usually if I go to a website that says it's free to use and then you click on a button and get a popup saying you need to pay X amount for this feature, I will usually just so using the service completely including the free version s it feels almost like a con

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    Do you have any paying users?

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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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