Landing Page Feedback February 25, 2020

Does my landing page explain itself? Is my English good enough?

Irfan Gumelar @mig13

Hey IH,
I'm building my very first SAAS. And I need your feedback.

Expecting your feedback on

Honestly, I'm not so confident with my English. Do you think my English good enough or THAT broke? I'm actually considering hiring a copywriter from fivver so at least my copy is grammatically correct.


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    I agree that your English is fine but there are spelling/grammar errors on the site. I am a native English speaker and I'm terrible with English. I'm really appreciating the Chrome plugin from (I have no affiliation and gain nothing by sharing the link). I've found it better than the free versions of Gammerly and Ginger and I like the UI/UX better.

    I'm not sure about the green/yellow combo, I found it a bit visually jarring and I certainly find the yellow highlighted text makes it harder to read the entire sentence. I do really like the graphics on your site and I do really like the green colour.

    I hope that helps,

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      Yeah, the yellow is the default styling for <mark> tag given by the browser, I'm just too lazy to give it custom styling for now. But I certainly will change the color later.

      Thank you for your plugin suggestion i will check it out, im actually use Grammarly heavily but the paid plan is waaay to expensive for me.

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    Hello Irfan,

    There are quite a few typos/grammar issues so I would proceed with getting some help from a copywriter. That said, your English is by no means broken, it's actually pretty good :)

    I am not convinced by your main selling point shown in the hero: "Receive submissions and manage your static sites forms without leaving your domain"

    Is leaving my domain such a big issue? Perhaps what you are offering is an embeddable control panel. Maybe that is the real benefit and what you should point out?

    I hope my feedback helps, good luck.

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      Thank you for your honest feedback. I will get a help from a copywriter.

      You actually right, my main offering for now is an embeddable control panel for whom needs white-label form backend (which differs me from competitors). So our customer's client doesn't need to check their submissions through our website. But I don't know how to say it on words, that was the best I can come up with xD

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    Hey Irfan,
    A bit late to this, sorry, but thought I’d offer my help nevertheless. I am a native English speaker with some copywriting experience, and I’d be more than happy to help you if you need it with this or future copy, just to make sure it all reads correctly. No charge of course :)

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      Hey Dom,

      I'm very happy with your offering and gladly accept your help.
      I will reach you by the email stated on your profile.

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    Nice work , simple and straight to the point ,
    I suggest you use the same gradient for header and footer 😊

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      Hei @Ayat, thank you for your input. I was trying to use gradient on my header, but it's so hard to get a good color combination. But I will experiment with it.

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    In short, get someone to proof read this. The message is clear, but the small grammar errors are making it look less credible than it deserves. Otherwise, nice looking landing page! Great work 👍

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    I'd also recommend having someone do a little editing. Fiverr is probably a good idea. Although here are some edits on the top half to get you started:
    static sites forms -> static sites' forms
    receive, stores and send -> receive, store and send
    regarding the the submitted -> regarding the submitted
    by this service, common uses -> by this service. Common uses
    contact form, mailing list form, -> contact forms, mailing list forms
    the uses of the service is not limited -> the uses of the service are not limited
    static sites, web applications -> static sites. Web applications
    building form backend -> building a form backend
    Why you need to choose Formcubes? -> Why choose Formcubes?

    Related plug: You can get free feedback on any specific phrasing at (I'm founder, very affiliated)

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      Thank you for your input i will correct it.

      Btw, i just tried, it's pretty addictive i say. A little feedback, when i choose to abstain, it would be a better UX if the "I don't understand the phrase or context." label is clickable.

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        Thanks very much! And that's a very useful piece of feedback. Will try to fix that today.