Landing Page Feedback March 30, 2020

Does my landing page for Nocodelytics make sense?

Sarwech @sarwech

I'm building a tool for myself and other Webflow users and have put together a quick landing page:

What do you think about the copy? Does the concept seem clear enough? I'm less concerned about the layout/structure right now and more whether there is enough detail here :)


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    Great initiative @sarwech


    • Really like the headline and description. Other copywriting on your site is great.
    • Good choice of Ouch illustrations
    • Would be great to see the interface of your product

    I'm also improving the design of my side project, would be awesome to hear your advice!

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      Thanks Felix. Planning to add screenshots as development progresses :)

      Zlides looks useful and I've actually been disappointed with Google Slides/templates in the past. Happy to give advice, just put a feedback post here on IH!

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    Pretty clear, I think it's not only for no-coders. I am a coder and this looks like something I could use.

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      Absolutely, it could, though there are a few similar tools already targeting developers and I'm trying to build this specifically for Webflow users. Something for me to bear in mind though!

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    Clear and concise. To be honest, I think you got a nice domain name, because I already new what it was about before I got there :) Some screenshots may be a nice addition.

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      That was what I was going for with the name hah :D I'm working on the backend but will definitely update with frontend screenshots once I start on that.

      Thanks Daryl!

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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      Thanks Taimoor! I tried to make it more concise (it was longer before) but can see how it still looks dense. Would you split it into two sections or just remove something from it?

      Great point about the emphasis! I'll add some colour or bolding.

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        This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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          I'll play around with it :) Thanks