Does my landing page make an impact?

Hello IH!

I'm working on a product called Captain Cron that allows developers and sys admins to access and maintain their servers' task schedules (i.e. crontab) from the web.


So far it is a work in progress, but I'd like to put the landing page out there for critical feedback and comments.

  1. Does the landing page make an impact and convey the purpose of the product?
  2. Is this a product that you think could be useful?

Thank you,


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    Hi @michael_edgar,

    This part:

    "Gain visibility of your cron schedules and don't guess when jobs are running and whether they are successful."

    Could be potentially reworded to something like this:

    "Captainchron helps developers schedule and see the status of cron tasks all in one place."


    "Stressfree chron dev ops: Track, schedule, manage all of your cron tasks in one place."

    Or something potentially a bit cheekier;

    "Stressfree chron dev ops: Track, schedule, manage all of your cron tasks in one place. Know exactly when jobs are running, and their status, before your CTO walks over to ask you where things are at."

    Regarding the landing page design, I'm sharing the design of another black landing page that has a pretty sweet design that might give you some ideas: https://zage.io/

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      @Speedy, thank you for the suggestions and the link. One of the biggest challenges I'm facing is visual design so examples are great. I'm going to look at rewording the copy based on this feedback.

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        Glad it helped :) The website link, I like how they use blue to make things stand out - and I thought an example of something that you could potentially copy/get ideas could be useful for you.

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      Good suggestions on the copy. If you don't may I ask are there any guidelines you follow to improve the copy?

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        When I looked at the copy, I didn't use any kind of formula or guidelines. But, one thing, I did focus on was the benefit + pain point.

        I can code a little bit (eg. I built a crappy web app when I was learning to code and deployed it), but my background is predominantly marketing.

        So, I tried to put myself in the shoes of a developer - and one thing I believe that a lot of developers get frustrated at is "dev ops."

        That's because, dev ops can often be like trying to find multiple bugs, and trying to get something to work (a lot of troubleshooting), which can create stress or annoyances.

        The second thing, I think frustrates developers is, when someone, (ie. a manager) asks about the status of something.

        And if they're unable to give a direct answer, they'll be annoyed at the question + process ... especially if they've been asked more than 2 times in a day.

        I thought the reference to CTO/manager could be a "trigger point" to use the solution (because if a manager asks) ... they're probably thinking "oh f...k him/that again." So, I was trying to make the solution relate to how a developer feels.

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    I agree with the others copy needs some work. But I understand what the product does as a developer.

    One problem is I don't know how it works, will you need access to my servers? If so that will make it a much harder sell.

    I would add a coming soon in the navbar.

    Put how it works before features.

    Don't think you need the contact form there. You can add an email to the footer.

    I would make a proper footer.

    Few quick questions :)

    Are you using a template or landing page builder?
    If so did you pay for it?

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      @volkandkaya, thank you for the feedback. The product works using a push/pull model where the user's server talks out to the service. Making that clearly known on the landing page is a good idea.

      I am currently using the landen.co Lite plan for my landing pages.

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    Hi @michael_edgar,

    Nice work on your landing page! I don't use cron often, so I likely can't give you feedback on your value prop, but seems valueable.

    Anyway, I have a few ideas for you.

    I think your site could benifit from a grahpical mockup of what using the product might look like at the top (ie a hero section).

    Also, with the copy, consider describing why does the extra visibility make users lives better?

    Hope this helps! Nice work so far!

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      @devhoag, thank you for the feedback. I like the idea of a mockup. I've been thinking of replacing the stock images in the 'how it works' section with actual screens from the application, but I also will consider the hero section.

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