Landing Page Feedback November 23, 2020

Does my landing page make you want to become an early adopter?

Pierre-Yves @pylot
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    I think you H1 should say "Make every search result matter" not "Make every search request that matter"

    I also think you should have more images from your product and less generic images.

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      Thanks for your feedback @orliesaurus !
      I'll watch some of your YouTube videos, they look interesting.

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    Thank you all for your feedback 👍 You are awesome!
    I will adapt the website for the target audience (developers), highlight the demo, add code samples, screenshots, and improve the headline.

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    I could not make out what the application is about from the above-fold content. Is "Make every search request that matter" correct, or should it be "Make every search request matter"?

    Is this targeted towards website owners (as in you are offering a search engine to search websites?) Or is it targeted towards normal users (as in "search google more effectively")? As I mentioned above, I could not understand it.

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    Hi! What I'd need as a developer is an explanation of how your search engine integrates with my site/service. Is it hosted on your cloud? How does it access my data? Does it have a web crawler, or I need to feed it 'manually'? This info would really help me understand a) if it fits my use case and b) how fast I could set it up and try.

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    Here you go @pylot. I'm doing free first impression videos this week, so went ahead and did one of quickengine.

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      Thanks for taking the time to make a video. It will help me a lot 🙏

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    I like it! I would move the demo UP right next to your headline to demonstrate how fast it is.

    Also, is this geared towards developers? If so, a clear link to documentation or a sample snippet would make me go "oh this is really easy to implement"

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