May 26, 2019

Does my simple landing page get the point across?

Mukhtar Raage @mooraage

Would love some feedback on my landing page, what do you think Newny is? Can you narrate it back to me?

Also, if you are interested to see what it turns out to be, please signup!

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    It's a discussion forum.
    User write something like "tabs are better than spaces, change my mind", share the link (email or some other way) and people join and add their opinions.

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      Spot on! Except I want it to be more of a groupchat than a forum, a fast and current discussion where all the particioants are present! Imagine the converdation then hahah

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    I've just started reading and the same wording "Newny is the perfect" used in 2 sentences in a row (2nd and 3rd). This tautology could decrease the text quality a bit.

    Great idea!

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      Thank you for the feedback! Will definitelt revise the wording

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    Hm, perhaps you should try to introduce what Newny in the hero, something more concrete & direct

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      Good idea! Will definitely revise

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    I hope you are not going to use that url.

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      No, i'm asking for opinions on the landing page not the url