Landing Page Feedback March 28, 2019

Does our landing page explain what the app does clearly?

Gilbert Pellegrom @gilbitron

Hey everyone. I'm looking for some #landing-page-feedback and #product-feedback-request for my new SaaS which is now in open beta:

It's targeted at Laravel developers who need to monitor their scheduled cron jobs. So I'd be especially interested in feedback if you're a Laravel developer.

  • Does the landing page explain what the app does clearly?
  • Is there a feature you would expect from this product that is missing?
  • Would you sign up for a free trial? Why/why not?
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    I've noticed that ppl have already pointed out the large bit of text right after the fold, but it's worth stressing that out - get right of that as it may produce bounces or distribute it in a different way. If you feel like you need to present more information from the beginning do it in your H3. A good example of such approach is Drop and MailChimp.

    Second (as I've got to check the site only on the mobile) it failed to display the pricing. I can only see the first two options. My device is 1+6t of that helps.

    Last thing is the lack of CTAs. At least on the mobile - I see the CTAs solely where the pricing is. Get one before the fold and after each of the sections.

    All in all, the landing page looks nice and, most importantly, is straightforward.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks for some great feedback 👍

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        You're welcome!

        If you need help with the copy, landing page layout, etc. feel free to hit me up.

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    It's pretty clear, but falls short of selling the pain point. I would try to re-write it with this copy in mind "you may lose data and even customers". I am no copywriter, but something simple and to the point might work: "Don't lose customers or data, monitor your Laravel cron jobs with Surveyr".

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      Thanks. Good idea 👍

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    Get rid of the large text, no one will ever read that.

    Shorten the copy of features.

    Instead of saying "much more" actually have images and text below for each feature/benefit.

    If your product is working well no need to be in beta. If not then rename beta to early access it sounds better.

    Also why discounts?

    Why do you have a free trial and money back guarantee?

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      Thanks for those suggestions.

      Does "early access" really sound better than "beta"? Got any examples of this?

      The discounts are to encourage people to sign up while the app is still in beta.

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        No problem.

        Just remember reading it, and it makes a lot of sense. Beta means the product doesn't work and you want people to test it.

        When you see discounts on software products does that make you want to sign up?

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    I really like how you have arranged the whole copy of the website. BUt a tiny suggestion would be that initially i just skipped that big copy in the second fold. I only came back to read that later once i scanned the whole website.

    I would suggest to keep that second paragraph as such and present the other two in a much more consise way.

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    Yeah. It's clear to me.

    Perfectly used template and Spark :) Great man.

    Sorry but I hate the idea of the upfront card. It would be nice I can test it without my card details.

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    Seems super clear to me. I don't do Laravel development so I wouldn't sign up for this, but it seems like a good niche to work within.

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