Landing Page Feedback January 25, 2020

Does this landing page achieve my goals?

Burak Kanber @bkanber

Also -- are these the right goals? I'll show the LP first:

The primary goal of the LP is to capture an email address. I think it probably shows that pretty clearly.

What I'm looking to communicate here is that Hallie is a (day planning / automatic scheduling) tool that will result in higher productivity and less burnout. The thesis is that through better scheduling you can focus your limited productivity on the things that matter, and therefore not overwork yourself while still remaining productive.

Maybe it would be better to say that verbatim on the site, but I also felt the need to communicate what the app does and how it works. What do you think of the balance I struck here?


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    Hey there, Burak! 👋

    A few thoughts. I think it's good that you have a clear way for users to request access to product. That said, I would make sure to describe what actually happens after you have requested access. How long time will it take for me to get to try it and will I have to pay for it - things like that. I would also be more elaborate around your product. An explainer video or more information down the page would be helpful for me to get a deeper understand of your service. I had to zoom into the picture to really see what the text said.

    I sincerely hope that you can use the feedback and reflections! 🙏

    Looking forward to see how it develops!

    – Daniel

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      Thank you for the feedback! I am planning on a video tour on the "Features" page, but I'm still a few steps away from doing that :)

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    Here is my two cents:

    On mobile, drop the header navigation and splash in ‘Fight Burnout’ and ‘Stay Productive’. A few seconds long at most. After which, the next two paragraphs with the email field appears.

    The movement will create a drama that is intriguing. It certainly would make me want to learn more.

    Hope this helps! 🙃