January 16, 2021

Dogfooding on day-job - what to think about?


Good evening!

I have a full-time job where I work with web development, using Github and CI.
During my work I started thinking about a tool I have been missing, during christmas I got time to build out a prototype and I really like it and miss it when I am at work.

I work at a small company, and we are encouraged to do side-projects and my boss got really excited about using what I built.

What should I think about when letting the company use it? It seems like a perfect opportunity to dogfood my product. I made it clear to my boss that I want this to be my own thing and perhaps it would make sense to allow the company to use it for as long as I work there or something.

  1. Since I have not figured out any ToS and such, I think it would make sense to set up a specific app for the company, perhaps even running on their infrastructure. How should I license the code to fit this usecase?
  2. It is easy to decide on something when everyone are still friends, should I protect myself with some contract? For example limit the time the company can use it?

Thankful for any insights! 🙂

  1. 1

    it's a sensetive position, and it seems you already dug half the hole
    I wouldn't worry about letting them use it for free as the first alpha customer for life if the IP is your's and they don't get the source code
    if it's all friendly, get something in writing, even if it's "just an email" it would be a good position to have

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