November 4, 2019

Doing A Study, Looking for Feedback


So in addition to being an indie hacker on my nights and weekends (comics and OS SaaS project currently), my day job is running a program at ConsenSys Labs (a blockchain-focused venture fund) that matches entrepreneurs, researchers, and makers with capital and resources.

We’ve been running the program for about 7 months and have been thrilled with the results, and decided to launch a study of the maker community to better understand when hackers hack, what problems they're focused on etc. If you are an entrepreneur, a researcher, an engineer, or a designer who is making products for other people to use, we would love to get your perspective on the when, why, and how you’re working on your projects.

We’re starting with the survey below and, qualifying respondents who opt-in, we’ll be asking to sit down for 30-minute interviews about their experience building products in their spare time. Those who sit down for an interview get a $30 gift card to Amazon as a token of our appreciation.

I'll update this post with a link to the study when we share the results publicly if you're curious! Appreciate your time and hopefully feedback.