May 23, 2019

Domain Buyers Anonymous: Just for fun, share the domains you've purchased but never used.

Chris Spagnuolo @cspags

I have the bad habit of getting an idea, immediately rushing and buying the domain, and then never actually doing anything with it. In talking with other Indie Hackers, I know I'm not the only one, so I thought it'd be fun to share :)

I'll start:

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    I accidentally purchased back in the day... obviously I had mine on that night ;)

    Some currently collecting dust in my domain registrar (and the intended venture)

    • & - chat service of some sort. ended up settling on
    • - build a lightweight meetedgar clone to save some bucks. never took it live, it was just for me
    • - 301 redirects for your old domains.. as a service. needed for an old PHP blog that I merged into my personal brand. was able to roll a Gitlab pages project to was more than sufficient.
    • (one of my faves, never letting it go... original thought was clothing company related to the dance industry. have had some low ball offers to purchase)
    • (was toying with changing my company name [Gravity Boulevard] and thought combining my spirit animal and one of my favorite fruit/veggies was a good idea)
    • - still want to do this, but a site that lists out the shark tank folks, ranked by investments made on the show, successful exists, failures, etc etc

    Probably could list another dozen domains I'm sitting on from projects that did actually go live but never fared well.

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      Dont know how you would monetize it, but I would visit the hell out of that Sharktankstats site!

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        haha, good to hear!

        low hanging fruit would be linking out to the products on amazon. if the traffic volume is there, advertising would be pretty feasible.

        overhead would be fairly low since the show only airs so many episodes per year (and I already watch them all, even if I do think the show's fallen down the "reality TV" rabbit hole of smut).

        alway's something cookin', so never know if I'll actually get a bug up my butt and actually pursue it :P

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          If you keep the site updated you can get lots of traffic. Apart from Amazon aff links, you can also try to get a sponsor and display their product.
          You can build the website with many nocode tools quickly. the database can be a google sheet. Take a look at

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            Good tips! I'm a dev and actually /love/ exploiting the limits of Jekyll, so I'd probably just roll it out as a static site like that, using the data sets to generate all of the pages.

            Definitely on my short list of "better" ideas, but trying to spend 2019 /not/ being distracted :)

  2. 2 - was going to be an app to add knuckle tattoos. Then I decided I just wanted to get knuckle tattoos =) - was going to build an easy, one-interface file-anywhere building permits app. That turned out to be really hard. But there are other kinds of permits so I'm sitting on this one.

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      all those spam email subscriptions , I mean if you call them sponsored mails then maybe a service to unsubscribe from all sponsored content

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    On a related note, I'm currently listening to the audiobook of the founder of who battled a strange conman over the rights to in the early days of the internet.

  4. 1 - wanted to build a simple SMS marketing tool.

  5. 1 - original thought was to create "The Cuffing Handbook" and throw up FB ads to college students during the months of October - December.

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    We help people develop apps and are making it easier. So, we purchased it really just sits as a re-direct at this point as our platform is being built on another domain as a sub-domain ( in its early MVP form.

  7. 1 - registered years ago with the intent of creating a social network. Now I'm waiting for a more monetizable idea to strike :)

    Also, which I'd ultimately like to use for something having to do with sailing or oceanography, but no concrete ideas yet.

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    I've got a few, too many ideas, so little time :) Here's what I'm sitting on.

    • - Bought a long time ago. TinyCore Linux was (is?) a thing, but totally not related. Originally intended to be a CMS while I was in school during the late 2010s.
    • - I'd love to create an app to journal life, every day.
    • - Thought of building a tool to crawl old photos, trying to find possible relatives based on facial recognition. I may have had too much to drink that night.... =D
    1. 1 Curious to hear more about that one!

      1. 1

        Easily marketable. Thought maybe it could be a dating app. Tried to post it on BrandBucket but they wouldn't take it!

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    I bought but never used it

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    I was just browsing tlds a few days after they became available and this one was still available. I'm not into hockey.

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    These have expired before I ever published anything on them:

    I have a couple of new .dev domains that will probably suffer the same fate.

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    One i remember best was: (or maybe io)

    I was planning to write an eBook about how we're all slaves to our jobs, degrees, fashion etc ... Needless to say I never got round to it.

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      you're self funding the BIOT, lol

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        Haha true. Someone said look at your bank statement and create a startup that sell stuff that you buy yourself. I should probably sell .io domains to impulsive schmucks like myself ;)

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          That's actually a good tip, reminds me of the invest tip of buying stock in the companies you're family is shoveling money over to constantly.

          Speaking of .io's, my last startup venture was a .io.... I also picked up ages ago, just for the lolz of it. Will end up using it.... eventually!

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