Landing Page Feedback March 7, 2019

Done-For-You Infographics

John Peden @jcpeden

I'm currently validating and would love to know your thoughts.

From what I've seen there appears to be solid demand for a service like this but there aren't many that currently offer it.

Is anyone interested in trialling the service? :)


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    I've been considering using infographics as a key marketing format...

    The big issue is distribution.

    I thought Pinterest would be great but it didn't drive results the last time I tried.

    Also, I think this has a lot to do with the industry. Infographics seem to be tough for business topics... but they work well for visual/physical things like cooking recipes or fashion.

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      To clarify, I'm referring to the discovery of infographics themselves (not referring to looking for the service).

      I.e. if a business invests in creating an infographic, what does it look like to distribute? What's the ROI like in terms of traffic?

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      Thanks for the feedback. There are certainly a lot of people searching for infographics and not too many other businesses offering them (but there are some) so I'm hoping I've hit a potential sweet spot!

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    I saw (but can't find now) some stats about how much posts with infographics get shared over posts without and it drastically spiked up before people started using their smart phones. which make it hard to see all the detail on a lot of infographics. I mention it because it got me thinking about the importance of responsive infographics using svg. might be worth thinking about.

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      Hmm...please share those stats if you do find them again. I'd be interested in learning more.

      I think the key might be optimising for either desktop or mobile in the first instance.

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    I plan to publish a few infographics around May / June of this year. I have never done it before and I am not a designer, so I will probably end up outsourcing the design. Happy to trial your service if the opportunity is still available at that time!

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      Excellent, what's your best email? I'll give you a nudge then.

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        Great, check my IH profile.

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    Hi John, I like the design and feel of your site!

    I'm really new around here, so take my feedback with a grain of salt.

    My initial feeling has been good, clean design, tidy, nice first impression. Then I was surprised to see that the call to action is to get to the pricing section. I think your call to action would be more useful if it was leading to capturing the user, either by getting his e-mail or trying to make a sale.

    Another impression that I got is that the prices, (which are very at the front since its the first thing you get by following the call to action) look at a premium level. It kind of makes sense, because you are selling a very personalized and professional product. The problem is that you didn't convince me about why your work is awesome before telling me the pricing. Then, the feeling is like "Do I want to make the effort to better understand this expensive product?". I feel that by the time I see the pricing, I should be thinking "Maan, what an awesome design these guys are doing!!"

    I hope this helps you, lot's of luck!!

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      I threw the site together without trying to overthink it. I don't want to create a lead magnet at this stage as I'm not even sure there is any demand for the product so capturing an email seems tricky without offering something in return...maybe a discount on your first order?

      Equally, it doesn't seem like the kind of product that lends itself well to a lengthy sales page. They aren't that expensive as a B2B product offering so I was hoping customers would see the pricing and then think...hey, why not?

      Regarding prices being premium, I suppose that depends what you're comparing them to. Do you really think my prices are premium compared to what you'd pay a designer in your own country?

      What additional information would you expect to see before making a purchase? I mean, it's pretty clear that we only offer infographics, the domain, the title, the content and my ads are all leading users who are searching for you really think it'd would be worthwhile to explain the merits of purchasing one or do you think it should be more a case of explaining why they should purchase from us as opposed to getting a cheap one on Fiverr or an expensive one from a designer?

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        I understand, what I mean with some more info, is mostly about samples of work that you might be especially proud of, to wet the appetite. In the end, as you say, it should answer why they should purchase from you instead of from other people.

        I see it as a process of "here's the amazing thing we do" followed by "here's the price", and from these two, hopefully they would see what a nice value they're getting for their money.

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          Understood :)

          Tricky to get some good case studies when we're still in idea validation mode!

          I'll message some of my designers and see if we can use their infographics as case studies. I built out a little portfolio here: so perhaps the CTAs should route the user there first and then ask them to view pricing?

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            Yeah it's tricky, I was just having a crazy idea, feel free to discard it if it makes no sense.

            You probably don't want to do this in the beginning, but at some point It would be cool if the page itself was an infografic about what they will gain by doing their infographics with you. In this case, the page itself is a sample of the infographics you do. Recursive style...

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