Done is better than perfect?

Collected 15 house tracks, the next step is to put together a mix.

Once again I tried to put together a mix of tracks in Ableton with smooth transitions from track to track, taking into account the bpm of all tracks, with equalizers of upper, middle and lower frequencies, but nothing came of it.

The first time I didn’t devote enough time to it, for some reason there was an expectation that I could do it in 10 minutes. At the 11th minute, he threw it. This time I approached this more thoroughly and spent an hour, but still not that - I am not satisfied with the result. As a result, I understand that if I don’t do it now, I won’t do it again. In general, again, in a simple way, I fade out the end of the track and fade in the beginning of the next one. But there will be a result! By the next iteration I'll think of something ... or maybe not)

btw If you love musiс, make a product in music field or produce music - let's make friends here or on twitter https://twitter.com/iamibragimovars

Done is better than perfect?
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    Try and find a cue in between the song where you can mash with another song's drop from your list.

    I used to create mixes this way, I started out with fading in and out at the end of each song but I found that this wasn't very exciting, mixing two songs together to create something unexpected is what started peeking my creative interest and what I found other people enjoying the most, this was a while back though I was around 14 back then didn't pay much attention to bpm, equalizers etc. just put together what sounded good to my ears

    Stopped because of copyright infringement notices on Youtube, but looking to get back into it with Mixcloud

    Some samples if you're interested:



    All the best!

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      Checkout Songbox if you're looking for an alternative way to share your audio


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        Awesome thanks! I'll check this out as well

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      May I ask why do you use YouTube instead of SoundCloud for example?

      Here is my latest set on SoundCloud for example

      ... and I believe that SC is not as strict for copyrights as YouTube is

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        Awesome mix!

        I actually have a SoundCloud profile as well: https://soundcloud.com/djvickr

        I just found that I was getting more exposure and 100x more views on YouTube as compared to the other platforms so I switched to that not knowing about copyright etc. back then, this was a while back though around 7 years ago.

        When I get back, I'll be switching to SoundCloud or MixCloud or any other one that's friendly with copyrights

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    I love music, make music and have a business based around people who love and make music: Songbox

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    If you write house genre music and want to be listened to in the next mix - drop me your track!

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