Done Log - Flips the ToDo list on its head

My latest project is now live - Done Log (https://donelog.app).

I was growing increasingly frustrated with the ToDo list applications I had been using. I always seem to have tasks added much quicker than I can complete them and, when the end of the day arrived, I often felt like I hadn't achieved anything despite doing lots. I found this quite demotivating.

So I build Done Log

Done Log flips the ToDo list on its head and instead of focusing on what needs to be done, it focuses on what has been achieved. Now at the end of the day, I can see exactly what I've done, from the bigger, planned tasks, to all the 5-minute phone calls & support requests that never make it onto a ToDo list (but somehow end up eating up half a day anyway) are now logged.

I built Done Log to help keep me motivated but as a consequence, the Monday morning standup is much easier now.

Currently Done Log is mMVP (my MVP) meaning it has enough functionality for me to be able to use the product but there are missing features that others will need before they can use it effectively i.e. being able to edit or delete tasks.

I've also done something I've never done with a side project before, I have plugged in stripe payments right from the start. Normally I wait till I get the project to a point where I'm comfortable with it before adding payments, so typically payments never get plugged in.

You can subscribe ($24 per year) but there are no paid features yet. The only thing you get by subscribing just now is that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are supporting a fellow indie hackers on their journey, oh and a "True Believer" achievement badge (once my designer makes it... hint hint!)

With the payment integration done, I can purge it from my mind and concentrate on features and promotion and users can subscribe when they feel the product offers enough value to them.

Done Log - https://donelog.app

  1. 2

    Good luck, Chris 🤞

    I just had a look. I like the clarity and simplicity of the design! 💯

    1. 1

      Thanks! I've used tabler.io to help me put it together quickly and let me focus on the development.

  2. 1

    Love this idea!
    Have you thought of adding integration into time tracking apps like clockify, timeular, harvest, streamtime, Monday etc, instead of / in addition to building native time tracking? Just thinking about someone working in a bigger team where they can't control which platform they have to log timesheets.

    1. 1

      Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

      This is great... it's my first feature request! I'll need to figure out how to track these properly.

      My initial thoughts around adding time tracking are to keep it simple and enter it directly on the site. The intention would be to use it as a guide to the user about how long things took rather than for accurate timekeeping for client billing etc but depending on how I built I guess it could be used for both.

      As for integrations, I'll need to wait to see how much interest there is and take it from there but it's early days yet.

      1. 1

        Happy to help in any way I can! It sounds like a really great idea. I can help with a landing page too, just drop me a message if you like! Good luck! :)

        1. 1

          Thanks, I appreciate that.

  3. 1

    Congrats, cool idea.
    Few comments - the roadmap is competing with the top form. For a moment I wasn't sure if it's meant to be my roadmap that I need to build, or your app's roadmap. Moreover, its position between the form and the log is even more confusing. Maybe take it to the footer and make it look differently, dark bg, etc.

    And a small bug, even after adding something I did, the "nothing to see here" remained just below the log. I am not registered if it matters.

    Good luck

    1. 1

      Out of interest were you on mobile or desktop?

        1. 1

          Cool, I can see where the confusion is coming from. It's a bit more out-of-the-way in the desktop version.

          I've tweaked the layout and moved the roadmap block underneath the task list for the mobile view. In due course, I want to create more of an initial landing page to give a bit more context to the product so I'll likely move the roadmap there.

    2. 1

      Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

      I'll have a look at the "nothing to see here" bug and have a play with the layout to make it clearer.

      1. 1

        I've fixed the "nothing to see here" bug. Thanks for the feedback

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