Product Development February 27, 2020

Don't forget to back your data up

Martin Capodici @mcapodici

I just saw this horror story over on HN - Don't forget to backup your valuable databases for your projects so you don't lose your customer data and your business. Or ask your developer/IT person if they are doing this. If you can automate the backup, even if that costs more money, it would be worth it. You ideally want the backup somewhere separate, that could be at home or on another cloud provider, so if you use AWS, store the backup on Azure.

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    1. Back-up your data for fast retrieval (local backup, for whatever local means to you)
    2. Back-up your data somewhere else that can't be lost (remote backup(s), for whatever remote means to you)
    3. Back-up your code (what happens when you lose access to your git account and your laptop crashes in the same day?)
    4. Back-up your environment (I've had a hosting provider lose a client's VPS. I've broken others by running the wrong command.)
    5. Archive private keys, certificates, etc. (again, what happens when your laptop crashes?)
    6. Test all your backups regularly!
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    Wow, looking at the front page of IH, it looks like everyone lost its data today!

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      Oh... Apologies for the duplicate post everyone.

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        No need to be sorry, it's hard to know sometimes and we do appreciate the sharing. :) I definitely don't have the time to be browsing through HN atm, it can be useful when specific posts are shared.