Don't Miss an Opportunity to Deeply Engage with New Email Subscribers (and Community Members)!

I have a very simple process when it comes to early-stage community building, especially when it comes to email newsletters:

  1. Create email newsletter...
  2. Make sure all notifications are turned on...
  3. Email every new subscriber and start a conversation!

That's pretty much it.

Here, you can see an example:


This ensures that I can have a high-touch experience with someone who just made a pretty big personal commitment (e.g. giving me their email address).

Every morning, I have a scheduled time to respond to all my new subscribers from the day before—it's a simple but effective ritual!


There are a million email newsletters out there but only a handful really engage with their audience. Most of them are automated in some way that removes the human connection that people are really looking for.

Don't be like that!

📺 — I've got some more thoughts (and a screencap of this process) on my vlog today that deep-dive into this.

If you'd like to follow along on my journey of building an email newsletter, you can track that project here.

  1. 4

    I love this! Sometimes we get too caught up in wanting to look like this big corporation when all your subscribers really want is this personalized touch and to feel like they have a relationship with you.

    What's really ironic is that big corporations spend millions of dollars a year trying to create these same exact personalized interactions with their customers at a much larger scale.

    1. 3

      the irony is super-thick... crazy how automation really does GET IN THE WAY of true personalization.

      stuff to really think about...

  2. 2

    You can use your welcome email to start these conversations.

    I talk about it in this video where I launched a newsletter in 5 days.

    just a small suggestion: You can change your 1 question to 2 questions or asks.

    1 to let them tell you how they identify themselves.
    And the 2nd that's about your community/newsletter topic. Asking what other sources they look for this info, other groups they are in before yours. Or if it's about business. what are they working on.

    It's hard for someone to formulate what you can help them with, without knowing you yet. and also ppl are terrible at asking for advice.

    This is a simple example:

    1. Tell me who you are.
    2. What are you working on?
    1. 2

      wow. i like that use of loom!

  3. 2

    Thanks, this is helpful. I've asked my ESP, Constant Contact, to get this feature - letting me know who signed up for what/when - going.

    1. 1

      shouldn't be hard! if they can't do it, maybe there's a way to do it through Zapier or IFTTT...

      1. 1

        I don't think so. Let's say you come to my sign up form. You sign up. My autoresponder sends a welcome note to you. Where is the place where a Zap can fit into that process?

        1. 1

          you could integrate it so that it also shoots out another note (but that might be too much) or have it be replaced with a more bespoke one... i don't know.

          just thinking aloud!

          1. 1

            Thinking out loud is great. In this case, I'm not seeing how it can be done. But thank you!

            1. 1

              do you like CC?

              1. 1

                I've been a partner of theirs for 12 years so I'm a bit biased. And, that said, hell yeah!

  4. 2

    Hey John, good tip! I will consider it for the two side-projects I'm currently working on, which are both email-based. Thanks!

    1. 2

      sweet! it's easy and it's high-impact!

  5. 1

    Love this, thanks John. I tried something similar in the past with my blog (for introverts) but I asked 2 questions and the reaction was "woah, that's a bit full-on" (said politely), but I like the simplicity/casualness/low-pressureness of this, you've given me food for thought... :)

    1. 1

      lmk how i can help!

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