Don't sell claims, sell specific examples!

Hey to this amazing community here...

it's Monday evening here. Another week has passed, and so it's time to tell you about the progress that I made with GetTheAudience.com, the audience development tool for founders and indie hackers.

Today, I learnt a marketing lesson

It is not enough to tell people "my app can do X for you". You have to show them examples of what X could look like – and suddenly, they will be much more interested.

Therefore, I added a new feature:

  • An existing audience analysis (a thing that my software generates) can now be exported to a webserver!
  • I can share the analysis results page on social media
  • I could link to it from the home page, if I wanted to

The difference that this made was significant.

Last week

  • "GTA can help you get insights into your audience!"
  • Result: 3 visitors, 8 page views per 24 hours.


  • "Look what the insights from GTA look like for Arvid, Janel, Shawn, and Steph."
  • Result: 75 visitors, 181 page views per 24 hours ... and counting!

It looks like I will post many more examples instead of general claims in the upcoming weeks. Thanks to the universe, you showed something to me, today!

Cheers to y'all, and have a good week!

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    Great advice, and great product. Signed up!

    1. 1

      Hey Christian, thanks and welcome on the platform for people who want to understand people! :-)

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