Developers September 3, 2020

Don't sleep on Google Sheets for backend infra!

Mark Mossberg @offlinemark

For analytics on Timestamps usage I log directly into a Google Sheet😂

And this actually works great! Minimal infra, structured, fast (no querying GBs of server logs), and I can manually touch up the data (needed for the user column).

Don't sleep on Google Sheets for backend infra🤪

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    Haha, agreed! I just launched Opsgrid, which uses Google Sheets for free server monitoring data retention. It's stretching things a bit - I can store about a year's worth of per-minute metrics at a width of 10 columns - but so far it's been working fairly well.

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    Google Sheets are awesome as an interface. Which is why so many things are poping up around using Google sheets as a core component. Sheets to Site/Api/Ecom page etc etc

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    I use Google sheets for a project
    The only complaint I have is that the API sometimes of not reachable

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    Does google offer an option to expose sheet data through an api or do you use a third party service specifically for that?

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      There’s an Api, and you should be able to find a lib for your language

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    I was actually thinking of using Sheets for a small side project! Wanted to modernize this hard-to-navigate directory of real estate tech companies ( by scraping the contents and using Airtable as a simple database for my own directory, would you recommend Sheets instead?

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      @AndrewKamphey? Would you recommend Airtable 😜

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        I would recommend trying sheets.

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      Can't comment on Airtable, but sheets has worked well for me, though I'm not exactly using it as a database. I have heard of others using it as a simple db though (including Patrick Mckenzie).

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    Yeah, it's nice for some use cases - but be aware of the limits.

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