Ideas and Validation June 1, 2020

Doubts about how to launch!

David Sancho @davesnx


I'm working on a mobile app that helps you fight your whims, but have no clue where/how to launch it.

I found myself keeping a wishlist of stuff and adding a calendar event to remind me if I still wanted this or not and after 15 days or so, I decided If I wanted to buy it or discard it.

It helped me to keep a better relationship with the stuff that I need and the stuff that I want.

I end up creating an app in React Native that tries to solve this exact problem. It's on early development but I can share a few screenshots of the designs.

I'm thinking what would be a good way to share this to the internet and receive some feedback and let some people try it out.

So, any ideas? :D


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    Seems like a good idea...really like the name/branding :)

    This seems like the sort of idea that could benefit from pulling in outside data. For example, some way to track financials and see if people are actually moving toward earning their whim or not. Also, something that helps them to earn their whim without being aware of it (e.g., like Acorns).

    UI looks solid—keep it up.

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      That's a good idea.

      The brilliant idea would be to give permissions for the app to actually buy it or not and make sure that you have a "proxy" for all the internet buys.


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    Hi @davesnx , great idea. I just joined indie hacker so don’t know how it all works but hope you are able to use the community here. How many signups do you want for idea validation. Reddit is another helpful community. In my experience, I have generally tried to do both a paid campaign and organic activities (organic posting in social media with boosts, SEO) to get my initial Set of users. And then it was always an interesting exercise to see the differences in how they behaved!

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      Sure, I will use this platform as a way to receive some feedback!

      Do you know any subreddit about saving money or self growth that can be beneficial for them?

      I would keep campaigns for later If the app brings some revenue.


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    Name and branding is very nice 👍 . I think that adding a whim flow can be optimized - just pasting a link and make it so that the name, price and picture will be parsed from that page, but not sure if it is needed for mvp. Keep it up!

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      That woudn't be hard to implement, many shops have metadata that is relatively easy to parse.