Downloadable pre-built Rails apps

I've been a software developer for almost 13 years now. I've been using Rails for almost half of it. I have this idea where you go to the site and you can download Rails templates in a zip format with documentation on how to deploy/use it.

The idea is similar to ThemeForest, but instead of themes, you download pre-built Rails apps.

Those pre-built apps will range from basic one much more advanced. For example:

  • Basic Rails app with Bootstrap/Foundation/Bulma CSS/RSpec configured
  • Rails app for mailing list
  • Rails app for a simple product website
  • Rails app with Stripe and Authentication

There are a couple of solutions out there already such as Rails Composer which is not maintained anymore. There's also Jumpstart Rails, Kiso, Rails Kit, Bullet Train, and others. All of them are subscription-based and requires license for each site you want.

Do you think this is something that someone would want to have? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    Since Laravel has Laravel Spark (https://spark.laravel.com/) I'm quite surprised that no one tried building something similar for Rails. I think it's a good idea/

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    Who would your target market be? I looked at some of the products that you mentioned and the pricing is steep for an individual but could definitely makes sense for a company. When you compare to Themeforest do you mean it as a user could purchase specific pre-built Rails apps that suits their needs directly from you or would you want to make an actual marketplace?

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      I’m thinking devs who wants to learn and semi-technical people who wants to deploy their own Rails apps. It could be a use for experienced devs like me to save repetitive tasks.

      I think marketplace is a bit huge to build so I’m thinking a bit small for now. Maybe in the future, devs can submit apps built with JS frameworks or other languages.

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    I like the idea! One of the draws of getting themes from Themeforest is the price. If it's in the same price range (~$50) that would be really competitive pricing.

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      Thanks. I will start with some free ones to see how many people will be interested in :-)

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