Dribbble like app MVP Development Help

Hey IndieHackers, I am building a dribble like app and not sure how to do it.

Right now I am exploring tools such as Table2Site and WebFlow and see some alternatives to coding as I think that might take a bit longer.

I have little knowledge of JavaScript/NodeJs/React and some knowledge of no-code apps such as WebFlow.

Has anybody built something similar? If yes what did you use?
Shall I use No-Code apps such as Table2Site/WebFlow or shall I get more into coding more?

Would appreciate advice and help :)

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    @Elans @Zencentric I understand what you are saying.
    This was my question, what do I use? for me right now everything seems a bit too long.

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      I have not used any no-code tools so no comments on this. But some guys here say it is faster.
      Personally, my favorite stack is Node/Javascript for the back-end with Handlebars for the frontend. You can also take a look on wordpress - sometimes you can make miracles with it.
      Maybe you can find something in https://codecanyon.net, on a quick search I found this: https://codecanyon.net/item/pixelphoto-the-ultimate-image-sharing-photo-social-network-platform/22293358

      Hope this helps somehow. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    Agree with Elans. If you know HTML even just a little bit you will able to create a fake the first page showing "projects" or whatever and collect feedback on it. Then you can move to the next stage - there is a lot of "no-code" or "low-code" tools.

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    My only advice would be: build with anything that makes you build and ship it faster and see how it goes. You can always rebuild later.

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