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✅ Name Of Your Project
✅ One Liner Description
✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)

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  1. 7

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    shanc (https://shanc.app)

    ✅ One Liner Description
    Making Google Analytics easier for IndieHackers

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)

    • Get some users to start using it
    • growth channels
  2. 3

    Name Of Your Project
    Particle Systems
    Link: https://particle.systems
    One Liner Description
    "Capture email, feedback and other details on static websites without writing backend code"
    $0 (not launched yet)
    Looking For Support?

    • Growth ideas
    • Product promotion

    Thanks :)

    1. 1

      Hey, Particle Systems is one of the projects I really like on IH!

      To grow this, you can reach out startups & no-code founders through IH for whom this product is made!

      If you have some budget, you could run Facebook Ads explaining how people can easily use Particle System.

      I am interested in working on Particle System on the business side, let me know what we could do ;)

  3. 2

    ✅ Name Of Your Project: Divshow (https://divshow.bytebeacon.com)
    ✅ One Liner Description: Build amazing walkthroughs in minutes
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): $100
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business) : Business

    1. 2

      This is a cool project! Love the walkthrough of the walkthrough :)

  4. 1

    ✅ Improve literacy by reading authentic Japanese.
    ✅ MRR: 0 (Subscription-model just opened (everyone is still in trial phase))
    ✅ Support on how to get to 2,000 monthly customers.

    url: https://yomi.ai

  5. 1

    Dothis.to (www.dothis.to)
    ✅ Build trust with your team by giving them clarity on "What to do and Why"
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)- $0
    ✅ Reaching out to customers, features feedback

  6. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project: Cruu
    ✅ One Liner Description: Cruu automates 30-70% of the most boring parts of React development so instead of spending 100 hours coding an update it takes 30 hours.
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): $0
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business): Getting beta users

    Thanks for posting this @yugen! Very helpful!

  7. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project: LearnObit (https://learnobit.com)
    ✅ One Liner Description: A tool for learning, like Anki & Workflowy in one
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): 0
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business):
    Those who use LearnObit consistently are less than 10, after 3 months from launching. I think it's quite useful already, and although it's far from a complete product, it's implemented enough to be used in everyday life. But there are no people using it...

    What can I do to attract people to it? The way I used so far was to post promotions on boards. Now, I ran out of boards to post. And I have no idea what to do now. What can I do, please let me know in any comments?

  8. 1

    Good idea Yugen,

    Name of project: Happen www.usehappen.com
    Description: Save any video or article for later.
    MRR: Just launched, free for the week, then charging $14/year
    Support: Getting the word out

  9. 1

    ✅ SEO Buddy (https://seobuddy.com)

    ✅ SEO Buddy helps you understand your competitive landscape and find the most relevant SEO Opportunity with a productivity tool to analyze Search Engine Results Pages.

    ✅ $223 MRR

    ✅ Looking for Affiliate

    1. 1

      The problem with seo tools is it takes a shit ton of cash / expertise to build a competitive backlink index.

      That's why I left ubersuggest. And if Neil Patel cant pull it off with his resources then ....

      Try a niche of seo perhaps. Such as on-page seo audit ...

  10. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project: https://usercustomdomain.com
    ✅ One Liner Description: The Simplest Way To Manage HTTPS Certificates For Your Customer Domains
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): $0
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business):

    • How can I get the first user?
    • pricing
  11. 1

    Why not? So here you go!

    ✅ Name Of Your Project: CoreSkills
    ✅ One Liner Description: Coding interviews that make sense.
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): No MRR. ~ $600 made overall with one-time transactions.
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business): How should I grow it?

  12. 1

    Name Of Your Project: www.stratascratch.com

    One Liner Description: Improve your analytical skills with interactive exercises to grow your data science career

    MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): ~$2000

    Looking For Support? Looking for additional growth channel ideas. Currently focusing on content marketing and SEO.

  13. 1

    Name of the project: resquire.com
    Description:Fast, secure and scalable training and deployment of
    artificial intelligence on your own infrastructure.
    MRR: Pre Beta Phase so no Revenue Right here.
    Support: Growth where should we focus on in Marketing ?

    Thank you to make this possible for us!

    Take care of you guys.

  14. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    Pic.Hance - https://pichance.com/

    ✅ One Liner Description
    Instantly Increase Your Photo Resolution By 4X using AI algorithms.

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    Business support in figuring out exactly who our customer is. We get a steady stream of users but struggle with conversions. This is partly technical challenges (the results can be mixed) and partly marketing (finding out who would pay for such a service...maybe we niche down to something like thumbnails/graphics/linkedin profile photos etc rather than being a general image enhancer?).

  15. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    Sounds Sphere - https://soundssphere.com

    ✅ One Liner Description
    Providing recording artists & songwriters the best possible experience finding production online

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    Business support in figuring out exactly who our customer is

  16. 1

    ✅ Name of your Project
    Shipyard (www.shipyardapp.com)

    ✅ One Liner Description
    Build, monitor, and share data pipelines 3x faster without DevOps.

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
    $0 - still in beta.

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)

    Business - Ideas and strategy around gaining and retaining customers.
    Technical - Looking to build out more initial integrations with external services (S3, Dropbox, GSheets, Bigquery, etc.)

  17. 1

    ✅ Keywords Rank Tracker, on-site analysis, comparison of competitors, uptime monitoring, and performance checker.
    ✅ We are preparing to release
    ✅ At the moment, we have about 800 users who came to us organically (they use the free plan). We want to monetize them in the future.

  18. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    MoneyCaptain : https://moneycaptainapp.com/

    ✅ One Liner Description
    MoneyCaptain is a personal finance app that uses behavioral analytics and AI to help people unlearn bad money habits.

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
    $0, not launched to public yet

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    Growth Ideas
    Promotions Channels

  19. 1

    Do mention these things 👇🏻

    ✅ KeepSolid Goals
    ✅ Goal Management Software. Set Goals, Plan Strategy, Track Progress, stay aligned and achieve business objectives with your team.
    ✅ MRR $0
    ✅ Looking For Growth Hacks that will increase the incoming target audience

  20. 1

    ✅ Agreemenda (https://agreemenda.com)
    ✅ Automate your legal processes and analytics
    ✅ <1k MRR
    ✅ Interested both in tech & biz dev support

  21. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    Link: https://pitchworks.club/

    ✅ One Liner Description
    A platform which connects investors and Startups with right tools

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

    Not yet
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    Growth Idea
    Promotions Channels

    1. 1

      Go to platforms where you could find startups (IH, PH & more) & ask them to signup & cold-mail to 1000s of investors & ask them to get on your platform. Show them how they will be benefited from it!

  22. 1

    Automated lead generation

    1. 1

      Thanks guys, for your support and sign-ups! I've also posted in "Beta-testing" section, we're giving away free lead-generation trial. Don't miss it!

    2. 1

      Nice, interesting and inspiring. How does it work?

      1. 1

        Thanks, @geniium, here's from our website FAQ
        Leadflare utilizes a multi-channel approach to generate leads. We deploy machine intelligence to optimize contact locating from constantly updated sources and statistical content testing on the web and emails to get promising leads for you.

    3. 1

      Hi Parry,
      My eyes light up when I see automation :)
      Just tried your product but it's a simple typeform, so how exactly does it work?
      Would love to know more!

      1. 1

        Hello @nanatoni! It's pretty simple - register and create a typeform, go to the "Connect" option on the top and choose "Embed", you can copy the code into any pop-up window or parts of your webpage. All the best and do give us a try :) www.leadflare.app

  23. 1

    🏛️ DocTemple - https://doctempleapp.com
    ➡️ Turn .csv data in thousands of .docx documents
    💰 MRR: $0 (beta - I still need to connect payments)
    ✅ Looking for business support:

    • feedback about the site
    • feedback if site is clear about what it's providing
    • any feedback appreciated
  24. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    ✅ One Liner Description
    Improve construction labor productivity with tech.
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)

  25. 1

    ✅ TeamNews
    ✅ "Tracking your team work activity in a daily newsletter"
    ✅ $0
    ✅ Looking For growth ideas

    1. 1

      I would say, improve your landing page. Add some more details so users can trust you. It looks really helpful so maybe, you could make this as an official plugin for Slack so you are more trusted.

      To grow this, you can contact & cold mail small startups & teams who use Slack. Also, remote teams because this is made for them. You can offer them a free trial for a week & then convert them to paying users.

  26. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project

    ✅ One Liner Description
    Interview Practice tests for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    I'm looking for some feedback on how to increase users signups

    Thanks, Jay

    1. 1

      I can't open your web. Please check it.

  27. 1

    ✅Name Of Your Project
    Local Rank Mapper - https://localrankmapper.com

    ✅ One Liner Description
    Helps SEO professional track and visualize site rankings in Google Maps local searches

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    Marketing ideas to get first 10 customers besides SEO

    1. 1

      To get the first 10 customers you need to cold email/message 1000 businesses for whom this could be useful. You have showcased the solution, but the problem does not sound that big. Make it look BIG, so people feel the need to buy your solution.

  28. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    UpStamps - https://upstamps.com

    ✅ One Liner Description
    Management Platform to separate code from different environments and projects with Feature Flags

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)

    I'm looking for some feedback on how to increase users signups


    1. 2

      UpStamps looks super sleek 🔥 It should not be a problem to gain users!
      You need to find your targeted audience. And don't promote your product at the wrong places. Try going to Reddit, Product Hunt, IH & message people who need to use UpStamps for their business!

      To get more signups, you can put a pop up on your website or you can offer a free trial if someone signs up.

      1. 1

        Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I offer a sandbox mode I think is better than a Free Trial, this way users can test the features and integrate with some limits but the overall experience is there.

        Do you think that I need to better highlight that?

        My focus now is the users and target the right ones

        1. 1

          Yes, do highlight it!

  29. 1

    Name: SEO Product Optimizer
    1 liner: Increase Product Exposures on Search Engines, Mobile & Social Media
    MRR: $750
    Support for: Business

  30. 1

    Name: Indiemetrics
    Link: https://indiemetrics.net
    One liner: Ethical web analytics
    MRR: 10 EUR
    Wanted support: business

  31. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    Metrical - https://metrical.xyz

    ✅ One Liner Description
    80% of the power of Google Analytics, 20% of the difficulty

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
    $0 (free beta)

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)

    • I'm looking for some ideas on how to increase users


  32. 1
    • Name of the project: getworkrecognized
    • "A work achievement tracker to build perfect Self-Reviews"
    • MMR: $0
    • How to get first users + Growth strategies
  33. 1

    PrivJs (https://privjs.com)
    Provide $npm install access only to your customers/team
    MRR: $0
    Looking for support (Business): Yes

  34. 1

    Yo! I hope you can actually share GHs for so many requests.

    1️⃣ Insteps ( https://insteps.io )


    2️⃣ Set up a support widget for landing pages that answer the most asked questions.


    3️⃣ $0


    4️⃣ Find more users for beta testing

    Thanks! 🙏🕉

    1. 1

      Insteps looks amazing to me! You need to add more to your landing page. I would love to do a free landing page design for you, just shoot me at [email protected]!

      To get more users, just put a BETA testing offer in a proper manner. There definitely might be users who are willing to test it out! Also, try making a video & put it on IGTV / YouTube!

  35. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project

    ✅ One Liner Description
    We help SaaS companies convert trial users to paying customers with targeted action-based onboarding emails

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)

    1. 1

      Encharge is one great application, I must say! Do you want to hop on a call to discuss about the growth & business for Encharge?


  36. 1

    We monitor website status for just $1.25/mo
    $2.5 we launched two days ago and we did anything in promotion and growth.
    Always looking for tech or business help.

    1. 1

      Hands down to the landing page & UI/UX!
      Shoot me on [email protected] & we can discuss in detail about growing CheckOnline. I see it scaling to $1K MRR easily.

  37. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    WP Care (https://wp.care/)
    ✅ One Liner Description
    Ongoing maintenance and fast support for your WordPress website
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    Growth ideas, comments on pricing and landing page feedback

    1. 1

      The landing page looks a bit off. You could make it more professional so users can trust you more.

      Secondly, keep a separate page for pricing. So it's more convenient to check it out.

      For growth, make sure you are in the right communities where there are WordPress users.

      The best way, go to Youtube, find a WP tutorial, go to comments, find people who have mentioned they use WP & contact them & offer them your service.

      Drop a follow if you find it useful :)

  38. 1
    • Botflow
    • Nocode super intuitive chatbot builder.
    • None (Haven't launched it yet)
    • Growth ideas

    Link: https://botflowapp.com/

    1. 2

      Your idea is attractive & usable for everyone. I would personally use it!
      Take notes on this :

      • Good Landing Page
      • Explain Where It Can Be Used (Highlight this)
      • Offer A Demo On The Same Page
      1. 1

        Thanks @yugen

        Regarding the demo: the landing page includes a chatbot on the bottom right. But I guess you mean it should be promptly highlighted?

        1. 1

          Snap, I thought it was a normal chat like other applications. Yes, please highlight it! Also, I have dropped you an email, do check it & revert back :)

          Great to connect with you.

  39. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    ✅ One Liner Description
    Multi-platform business dashboard for ecommerce
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
    0 (not launched)
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    Business. I need to get signups, not sure how to get in touch with ecommerce store owners. Cold outreach has been unsuccessful thus far.

    1. 1

      One more suggestion, change your favicon. It's the default Vue favicon. I look on the details ;)

    2. 1

      Go to YouTube, see eCommerce videos, go to their comment section, find people who are writing related to their stores. Now you have people who own eCommerce stores.

      The second option, go to Reddit, join the dropshipping, eCommerce communities & find people there!

  40. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    ContactBook - https://contactbook.app

    ✅ One Liner Description
    ContactBook helps GSuite businesses to keep shared Google Contacts. just like you share files/folders on Google Drive.

    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    Growth Hack Ideas
    Other important areas where we can improve(website, content, support etc)

    1. 1

      I had a question. Is it something that is not solved yet? Like are you managing contacts in other way?

      1. 1

        Google doesn't allow Google Contacts to be shared with other users. Meaning, you can not keep a shared Contacts in the Google eco-system. We are providing a platform to do that :) Yes, there are other companies that provide a solution to this and we are one of them. Let me know if that answers your question.

  41. 1

    Name: Knowhup (https://knowhup.com)
    Description: Powerful wiki for (distributed) developer teams.
    MRR: 0
    Looking for growth amongst the developer community

  42. 1

    I just happened to run past your post about 30 minutes after a quiet soft launch of my latest project...

    • Home Pro Partners
    • Find Local Skilled Professionals for Homeowners and Businesses.
    • $0 (just launched)
    • I have a chicken / egg hurdle to get over, need to get listings to drive traffic but need traffic to drive listings. I'm not interested in "claim your listing" type of approach as you see on other sites. Need help approaching skilled labor companies quickly and efficiently.
    • These companies are not shy about spending money on marketing so the price point is not a concern of mine (I currently spend $75-$150 per lead on Home Advisor).
    • I need solid, quick growth to be useful for homeowners. My thought is to market local and grow from there.
    • https://www.homepropartners.com
    1. 2

      Want quick growth?
      Buy an email database of your locals from a local company in your town.
      Cold email everyone explaining your product.
      Drop a CTA in the email itself.
      Put some testimonials - connect with homeowners emotionally.

    2. 1

      Do you do email outbound sales?

      1. 2

        I’m basically starting from ground zero with this site, I am reaching out directly to other pros that I know personally as a starting point. Beyond that I’m not sure best way to approach those I do not know without coming off looking like a spammer.

  43. 1


    • Privacy focused forms
      -$50 MRR
      -Looking for growth among privacy community
    1. 1

      The only way to hit the market is by highlighting your key feature - privacy!
      You can try building an email list of people who are willing to use this kind of form & you can schedule 1-1 calls to convert sales. It sounds tedious, but happy clients get more clients.

  44. 1

    • Low code solution to mock or prototype any RESTfull API
    • MRR: $0
    • Looking for growth and users feedback

  45. 1

    ✅ Name Of Your Project
    Org Owl 🦉(orgowl.com)
    ✅ One Liner Description
    Org Charts that remember - Empower users to look back at their chart from last quarter, etc.
    ✅ MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
    0$ Prelaunch
    ✅ Looking For Support? (Technical / Business)
    • Product Feedback
    • Growth Ideas

    1. 1

      Product Feedback - Need to improve the landing page.
      Growth Ideas - Keep engaging in communities. Difficult to tell specifically without launching & trying some

  46. 1
  47. 1


    • Genie helps music artists improve the probability of being featured on curated playlists and discovered by new people on Spotify, through pre-saves.
    • MRR: $0 (just launched)
    1. 1

      Does not sound like a SAAS

      1. 1

        You're right, I must've misread the title!

  48. 1
    • RentersVoices.com
    • Review of apartments by renters
    • None, currently free application.
    • Looking for growth or finding people who will post a review about their apartments.
    1. 2

      Hey, it forces me to log in.
      You can find the locals in your place or go to a thread about renting & pitch it there, you might find someone who can review.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the reply

  49. 1

    -The easiest way to create and manage your website's knowledge base
    -$40 MRR
    -Looking for design help

    1. 1

      Hey Ryan, frequently sounds amazing!

      For design, I would say, go for a basic landing page & explain your features one by one. Right now it feels, it's an article/blog kinda thing. Some Illustrations would do amazing!

  50. 1
    • aliceapp.ai
    • Record and Transcribe. Cheap. For Journalists.
    • $100MRR
    • Validation done. Have 3-4 big name reporters from 1 big name publishing using it (for Covid reporting). Need to go heavy on distribution - ideas appreciated. Very word-of-mouth industry.
    1. 2

      Just had a quick browse, the promise is really interesting. Why is it only for journalists? Don't you think podcasters would use it as well?

      1. 1

        Thanks for the comment. Podcasters might use it - but they are unlikely to pay for it (so I’ve heard). I will explore the use case for sure.

        Journalists is my beach-head. I surveyed people in many industries and they came out as most interested, and with ability to pay.

    2. 1

      Hey, tbh I wasn't clear with the product what exactly it does, maybe because it's not my niche. But I would say, for something like this, you need to go to places like Reddit! You can find good communities of Journalists where you could explain to them what exactly it does & how it makes their work easy.

  51. 1
    • Kingmailer.co
    • Email service build for anyone, not just developers
    • MRR: $27

    Looking forward to your growth hacks ideas

    1. 2

      I have seen KingMailer on IH many a time.

      To grow, make your landing page a little better (You can mail me for some good inspirations)

      Secondly, to sell your product, contact people who needs to send 100s or maybe 1000s of mails everyday. You can't sell it to me, you need to sell it to a small scale startup who needs your service to send updates to their users every day.

      How to find these people?
      Well, go to LinkedIn, search for hashtags & cold message them! Do 100 cold messages explaining your service & you will have a few converted for sure!

      PS: I am interested in working on the business side of KingMailer & scale it up.
      Shoot me a mail at [email protected] 👋🏻

  52. 1

    Not exactly on SAAS yet (will pivot, currently on wordpress)

    Most people struggle with good ideas, because they don't understand what works.
    We find it for them, with search + filter parameters.
    $0 MMR

    Business/how to promote

    1. 1

      Hey, I would rather Google for ideas.
      You can't sell this to a huge audience really.
      But to grow & promote, you need to make it completely free & make your business model a hidden one. Like, using that data to sell other products of yours.

      1. 1

        Not just ideas - working examples of brands, e-commence stores, profitable websites.

        I'm guessing you are not the kind to start a lot of brands at once to test whether the product angle is working?

        Or is there another angle I'm not seeing?

  53. 1

    Name: https://azhantest18.pythonanywhere.com/
    Description: Instant money transaction to your bank after payments.
    MMR: N/A
    Looking For Support?: I'm in the validation stage, I want to see if the problem is worth pursuing. So I guess business first (the project is in development).

    1. 1

      Hey, I can't really figure out what you are trying to solve.
      There are companies who already transfer money right to your bank.

      1. 1


        I'm having a hard time working it. But the problem I'm solving is transferring money from banks without waiting for money to be sent via existing platform. For example, Stripe takes a few days before the money is transferred to their account(s).

        If you got a better slogan, let me know.

  54. 1

    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  55. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

  56. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

    1. 1

      Do drop a follow if you find it useful :)

    2. 1

      For marketing, you need to find startups/companies that have a multi-culture. To find that, go to Twitter! Search for #remote, #remotejobs, #remoteworks etc & dm people related to it.

      Simple logic, people work remotely mainly because the company is located far. And start talking to them about this.

  57. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

    1. 1

      Stay active in communities, that's all I could say.

  58. 3

    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

    1. 2

      If you are trying to make a universal “take a number” app. You are doing the world a huge favor. I hate sitting around watching for a number when I could be grabbing a coffee or something if I could see my “number “ remotely. I think this would be helpful after covid.

      1. 1

        Hey, yes its similar to take a number app but more like "I have an appointment and I'm here...let me know when you want me to come in because i dont want to sit in your waiting room with folks that might have COVID-19 app."

        It also applies to everyday life after COVID19 in that specifically for people who have weak immune systems (think the elderly or cancer patients going through chemo), they should not be exposed to others who are sick...and would prefer to wait outside or in their cars for an appointment. This is why we think doctors offices make sense.

        Thanks so much for the feedback and positive vibes....

    2. 2

      Firstly, it took me 10 mins to figure out what you are offering.
      Secondly, it looks like a temporary thing. (Only useful during times like this)

      Instead of waiting in cars, I would arrive a little late & directly go for my appointment.
      I am still not clear about what you are trying to solve.

      Sorry :(

      1. 1

        Appreciate that feedback. We have an explainer video in the works but I'll take a look at the copy on the website and see what we can make clearer. its really
        a simple concept. Due to social distancing recommendations businesses will want people to check in for appts from their cars in the parking lot instead of walking directly into the business and sitting in a waiting room. The parking lot becomes a virtual waiting room. Benefit of this is less phone calls for the business to handle and just as simple for the person to fill out a check in form on their phone. Good idea or not, either way if you didnt get what we were trying to do in 15 seconds we have some work to do!

    3. 1

      Topical rather than evergreen.

      Unless of course you're gambling on them never inventing a covid-19 vaccine.

      In which case it might be irrelevant.

      Can see a pivot in your future though. Build relationships now. Cash in later with an MVP.

      Just my opinion though.

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