E-commerce people needed!

Hey, indie hackers!

We are CopyMonkey.ai. Our team is building an AI-powered algorithm that can generate unique SEO-optimized product (item) descriptions for e-commerce stores. We've tested our tech (powered by ruGPT-3) on the Russian-speaking projects with positive feedback so far, but now we’d like to assess our fit to the English-speaking European market. We are doing some customer development interviews trying to see the whole picture of the e-commerce content generation routine.

So far, we’ve spotted two potential target groups for our tech in Europe:

  1. 👔E-commerce enterprises with a need for fast/scalable and high-quality (unique) content generation.
  2. 🛒SMBs and Dropshippers. Our assumption is that the dropshippers and SMBs don't have enough time or money to produce unique descriptions for every product.

We would love to conduct more research on these two groups and maybe find the other segments that are missing here.

If you are a part of the e-commerce industry or know someone who is, please let us know! We’d like to conduct a 📝short interview, no longer than 15 minutes. What do you think, Indie Hackers?

And if you wish to ask us anything, don’t hesitate to write here or in PM. We are keen to meet like-minded people :)

P.S. The first screenshot below shows how the data input interface looks like; the second one - the results to choose from, all from our Shopify plugin.

Data input interface
Results offered

  1. 3

    I used to run a POD Dropshipping store focused on India.
    My 2 cents.
    The results in the screenshot looks awesome.
    I'd just say if you can add FB ads copy as well, then it will be a game changer. Coz many a times, for dropshippers the FB ad copy is way more important than the actual product description.

    I think other AI writing tools like copy.ai and conversion.ai are doing FB + Google Ads copy as well.

    You have an advantage over them with a shopify app, which I think is an excellent idea.

    1. 2

      Hey, Ayush, cool insights! So do you think that dropshippers put significantly more effort into their paid ads than in the organic (SEO) channels? Do they really care if their descriptions are unique and optimized? Btw, would be great to have a brief call, we could benefit from your expertise on the subject!

      1. 3

        Yes, I think SEO is a long term game, dropshippers are more looking to quickly test winning products and double down on them through FB ads.

        SEO would interest serious large scale retail players who would setup a blog on their ecom store.

        I'm fine with a call, DM me on Twittet or drop me email, both available on my IH profile.

        1. 1

          Thanks! I've sent you an e-mail with an invitation.

  2. 1

    Eh, TBH I think the copy is somewhat mediocre. I'm not even sure either of the suggestions are very good from an SEO standpoint.

    Regarding my comment about it being mediocre, for example:

    • I don't know why any woman would go on an evening walk in a black cami dress
    • What does "straight fit" mean? I can't imagine many woman wanting something that would look straight on them
    • And why would it be important that a straight fit black cami dress go with Dr. Martens?
    • Also, what are "graceful pumps"?
    • Grammatical errors: There's a space between Dr. and Martens, "with you" should be "with your", "date in the restaurant" isn't a phrase that most people would actually say

    I don't believe any serious brand or marketer would find that copy compelling. If you're just trying to quickly "spin" copy, then maybe it would be ok.

    Also, if you're trying to rank for "black cami dress" from an SEO standpoint, you probably would want your content to include other synonyms like:

    • Cami dresses
    • Camisole dresses
    • Cami slip dress
    • Cami Dress with black spaghetti straps
    • Mini cami dress
    • Mini cami slip

    None of the copy, except for "black cami dress" seems like it would be related to SEO ranking.

    1. 1

      Thanks for your input, @iammike. The copy has a long way to go, as we will improve the quality for specific industries with each new client we get (receiving more data to train the algorithm on). We should definitely experiment with the synonyms, too.

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