March 16, 2019

Easiest Server setup project #idea-validation

Uros Durdevic @itballer

Hey guys, I am planning to build a tool that will give you an easy way to startup your next projects. I am currently having a struggle that for each new project I need to set up a new server.

I though of an idea of creating a website where you can choose and create your server and just call the API to it.

What are your thoughts about it?

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    MVP this.

    Create a small tool that one can call from the command line that will execute a series of installation steps.

    Sell it for a one-time fee with a time period of free/included updates, and have people renew for continued updates and maintenance of the command line tool after expiration of time period of free updates.

    Explain that this uses "best practices" and the CLI provides options during installation so the admin won't have to manually edit conf files.

    Note: You'll be competing with Ansible, Chef, Vagrant, and other free installation scripts.

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      Hi Simon, thanks for writing!

      That's always the best advice 💪 Actually what I imagined is that you make your own backend app without touching the code, only through the GUI, no cli needed, that's the whole point :) I noticed that I explained badly before, sorry about thay.

      Thanks for the heads up for possible competition!

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    I'm not sure I completely understand what this does. Every host I've used over the past decade has had one-click setup for popular server-side setups like WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Rails, Django, etc...

    They don't usually promote them, but command-line interfaces aren't uncommon.

    I am currently having a struggle that for each new project I need to set up a new server.

    Why is that, exactly? I'm running 4 projects from one DO droplet and 7 more from a more traditional host I've had my WordPress blogs on for ages. Why a whole new server for each new project?

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      Hi, thanks for the questions!

      Actually what I had in mind is that you have already baked application with things like authentication or some small api, that instead of you writing it, you just call the functions.

      I am still probably explaining it badly, sorry about that, but it one sentence, backend application like Nodejs with predefined settings.

      Thanks for explaining your methods!

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    How’s this different from Heroku or Digital Ocean?

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      Hi, thanks for asking! We'll it's not hosting, it's you make your own backend application without actually coding it. I explained badly in the question up, it's not a server but a backend app. :)