Easiest way to make 9k per month. Thoughts?

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    There is no such easy way to make money, It is really hard and literally harder to make 9000 per month. Gurus can talk anything, their talk itself is product !!!

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      100% agree with you. Next, "how to make his first million in 365 days"...

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        And then will write a book and sell in gumroad. Typical online business

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          and then, make a list of websites/url with tools or tips on airtable and sell in gumroad. I guess it's more than half of new ideas nowadays....

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            Hehe. Selling the weakness of founders.

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    It's good advice. I think @amyhoy and @alexhillman have pushed new founders to start with info products for a long time.

    I'd pick a couple small bones though, like it's a little confusing that this Sam Thompson guy distinguishes digital products from SaaS (isn't it digital vs physical?).

    And the $9000 thing seems arbitrary. Money for a comfortable life is very different in San Francisco than it is in Bangkok. Seems like what matters is you find the comfort line for the place you want to live and then aim for that.

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      Yeah I wasn’t too caught up in the specifics of the money side as much as the process.
      I follow Amy and Alex pretty closely (reading Tiny.mba right now), but I’ve never wanted to make a course however with all the buzz around the “creator economy” I think I might miss out if I don’t at least attempt to sell some of my expertise.
      I’ve been trying to sales safari (need to buy the actual course) but I think making a course and JFS is probably the mantra I need.
      I think I hit Stacking the Bricks Bingo with that paragraph. Haha.

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    Hey y’all 🤙🏻 Appreciate the conversation! Caught the digital product vs SAAS comment a few times and probably should’ve been more clear but had hoped the following tweet with other creators examples would help. Didn’t expect the tweet to take off the way it did and after looking deeper I realized most people didn’t have as strong of a tech background as most people here 🤷🏼‍♂️ And $9,000 is completely arbitrary - most could live very happily for 5-6k in the US but the math was just easier. Always happy to chat about it!

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      It's a good strategy, and it might be the easiest way, but it is certainly not an easy way. It takes hustle.

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        For sure - I dropped this in another indie hackers post talking about the thread. The last bit talks about the work that goes into it.

        "I think most content shared in threads like this fail to include all of the information. I know there are plenty of moving pieces that are over-simplified for the sake of fitting into 280 characters x 12 tweets.

        I had NO IDEA this would take off the way it did but I am glad that so many people resonated with it. The core message isn't so much about selling $100k worth of digital products in the next 12 months. It's more about shocking people into rethinking the complexity of online business.

        In short, it's about how value creation + sales is the core of every business in existence. Solving a core problem and getting it in front of your target market is the first step. It makes the assumption that someone has $100 worth of value to share and my hope is that they take the first few tweets seriously about building something that ACTUALLY helps people.

        Unfortunately most don't have the capacity to deliver value through technology/SAAS so leaning into a digital product like a course or book is the first step for them to monetize their value. Not a knock on what most of the indie hacker community is working on, just a simplified framework to get people thinking differently about how to create and deliver value to their customers.

        Also, this is A LOT of work. I spent 9 hours a day on Instagram when I first started and this is by no means meant to be a "get rich quick" situation. I would just rather spend 9 hours on Instagram talking about a topic I love with people I can help than sitting behind a desk working for someone else.

        Love the conversation and happy to discuss further."

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          Thanks for dropping in! I think your action and sales steps were the reason the thread resonated with me. Many people drop courses and ebooks to crickets, why? Because they make something no one wants or they post one tweet and hope it goes viral. Do I think if I followed every step would I make $9k? Maybe, maybe not. But the steps, if followed, would result in much higher sales than what I would probably do. That’s the real value I think.

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    There are some good tips but it’s a bit misleading to say “easy”. Also, I’m not sure if charging $100 per product will work better than having multiple products that are below $50.

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      It definitely depends what you're selling. I think starting off with a low price point is much easier for beginners and gets your foot in the door. Also builds that credibility you need anyways

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    $100 for digital products is definitely high for the non-US world, but maybe it doesn't matter. Sending 50+ DMs sound a bit spammy as well. Salespeople in my DMs never succeded...

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    It's a good thread. Especially the sales and growth stuff this guy did.

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    I think it's definitely pretty good advice. I'm working on my own digital product on the side of my actual startup as a backup income source incase anything goes wrong.

    Some good tips but as the main OP mentioned already, the only thing I'd disagree is the $9000 but he said it was arbitrary anyways.

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    At this rate of work - it's much easier to work for big tech and get way more than 9k.

    I guess what can you expect from 2021. Post a some controversy and gain an audience

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      Agreed, but if you learn how to sell, then you can apply it to something with a much higher value than 100 dollars.

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        100% - my hope is that people graduate from selling $100 products. Most people just need to start somewhere.

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