Easily compare the carbon impact of your activities #landing-page-feedback

Hi IH! I would appreciate any feedback on the following landing page: https://bettearth.landen.co

BettEarth's goal is to minimize human pollution by letting you know how much you impact the planet. It is difficult to convince yourself of going out of your way to save the planet because you might not know how much each activity contributes to climate change. BettEarth lets you quantify how much you pollute.


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    Hi fvarela,

    I believe this is a worthy cause. I suggest you try to appeal to younger generations who are more climate-aware.

    You should offer “greener” alternatives to common activities. Example: I would consider walking more often if I knew the tangible consequences of driving a car.
    Likewise, if I knew that using expensive light bulbs did not significantly reduce my carbon footprint, I would save the money.

    Also, I am hesitant on whether to consider electric cars. The manufacturing of a new electric car might pollute as much as driving my old car.

    Good luck on this venture!


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    Happy to see someone is building this tool. Some quick feedback would be to add an outline around subscribe with email box so that it looks more like an input filed.

    Otherwise feels like a good mvp.

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