Eating Habits: App to combat eating disorders

Hi IH!

We are in the process to create an app to track and monitor eating habits, so we can help people to combat eating disorders and also to have a healthy life.

We've build a pre-lunch landing age to start getting traction, any feedback will be more than welcome!



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    Hi Quim, the idea sounds very interesting.

    In my opinion, the app can be useful for people that want to stick with a healthy diet, but I'm not sure if it can help someone with an eating disorder.

    If your target is people with eating disorders I'd add more features that cover key areas to overcome these problems: tools and support to work on the mental and emotional aspects of the disorder. Usually, people with eating disorders are very obsessed with food or can't control their way of eating anymore, even if they really want to.

    Being these said, I think that offering them the possibility to track their food won't solve the real problem that is a psychological disorder (unless you add tools that help them to work on the emotional and psychological aspects of the illness, too).

    I hope it can help you! I wish you the best in the project!

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      Thanks Andrea for your feedback.
      The initial idea was focusing in eating disorders, after speaking with some psychologist who were helping their patients to track their daily habits with just a paper and a pen.
      So digitalizing something that was already there was the initial focus. Afterwards, we though it could be useful also for other kind of eating habits.
      But as you mention, there is a clear emotional and psychologist aspect in eating disorders, so we have to make clear that the app has to be used under the supervision of a psychologist/doctor for eating disorders usage.

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    I'd like to know after seeing your site more about what makes you different. Also, the image in the background sometimes makes your text hard to read.

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      Thanks for the feedback! We aim to make simplicity as our main point of differentiation: a very minimal UI, an easy-to-follow habit tracker, easy to manage, easy to share with your doctor if wanted.
      We'll work on the landing if this is not clear enough, so thanks!

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    Great, I'm doing similar but completely different approach!
    I'll check it.

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