Self Care February 27, 2020

Ebb & Flow


I deal in energy--manipulating it, moving it around, drawing it in and releasing it--and yet, I've been letting mine do whatever it wants for the past 2 weeks. As I've been working with others to heal and manage theirs, I've been intentionally "neglecting" my own.

Why? When I start on a project, I love to let it go wild. I want to feel it all and not level off for long. I love the ups and downs and lulls and busyness. I always settle down, but I just love the energetic thrill of it all. Just for the moment.

What about you? How does starting a new project make you feel? Always up? Always worried?

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    i try to lean into the mystery of it all and try to never forget that the goal isn't complete comprehension but rather understanding.

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    @tomorrowsgrl When I was a bit younger, I'd almost always get a feeling of 'mania'...extreme highs when it was time for a new project. That was pretty regular for my 20s. Even though I'd experience peaks and troughs, I never felt down/depressed or lacking in energy. As I've gotten older, the extreme highs have evened out quite a bit. The excitement is still there, it's just a lot more subdued; a lot more focused.