eBooks: Good Marketing Tool?

TL;DR: Yes.

I wrote a comment a while ago and have been asked so many times that I realized I should just write a canonical post!

So, eBooks... let's talk about that really quickly:

  1. I've created & sold nearly a dozen ebooks and even the worst "performing" product still had outsized results; financially and in general brand-building.

  1. The best example is writing a 10-day eBook / eCourse (delivered via MailChimp over 10 days) called "The 10 Days of Bitcoin" — I managed to secure a partnership with Highbrow and I wrote the core content in one single sitting.

Now, I was knowledgeable in the space so I felt very fluent in constructing the content but it was a bit of a crazy-insane rush — there wasn't a need to do it in a single sitting! But, I'm glad that I finished it quickly.

The results were phenomenal — people loved it:

I got hundreds of these responses and now it's entirely free via an old forum. By my unofficial count, nearly 100,000 folks have downloaded / read the material and it's still a major top-of-funnel machine.

And we did everything: Betalist, Product Hunt (we got featured — so many upvotes!), the works. And it built up a newsletter to > 17k subs in just a few months.

Totally, 100% worth it. Crazy-upside, very little work (if you know your material). Get it done and move on to the next startup activity!

Here are some of the other eBooks that I've done (that I could quickly find):

Bottom-line is still the same as when I wrote this 6 years ago:

Selling eBooks has been a great place for me to experiment with digital goods, getting a feel for what matters in the market and how the market responds. The low-cost and limited requirements makes it a great beachhead to attack. And, to be honest, it’s something that you could, quite literally, pull together in one single weekend.

Why the hell not?

Indeed... why the hell not.

  1. 2

    I plan to write some ebook in the first half of 2021
    "How to be a better colleague"
    Not sure if it has high demand like the bitcoin one you wrote. This is something that I want to write for myself.

    I would be free to contact you once I'm (nearly) done, so we can have a chat regarding potential distribution and improvements.

    1. 1

      YES! PLEASE! you know where to find me.

      ... but, can i challenge you to move faster? why not finish it in january?

      1. 2

        because of... reasons :D
        but I like your spirit, and the challenge.
        The thing is, at the end of this year I got promoted, and I don't know how my next year will even look like. Totally new role. That's why I put at least some deadline, because I would really like to finish it.

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