Effectively communicating complex ideas: how to make blog posts more engaging?

I'm working on "YC for biopharma startups" to help young scientist-founders start companies. I'm writing well-researched blog posts to evangelize the mission and address objections. But well-researched posts are long, and don't get read.

I recently converted a series of four long posts into one shorter, more visual post in an effort to increase engagement. Would love your thoughts, and any advice on how to effectively communicate complex ideas.

New post: https://www.baybridgebio.com/blog/young_founders.html

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    I'm actually working on solving this problem by changing the 'form of language' or 'form of documents' if you prefer.

    Here's the platform/tool I'm creating: https://brainec.com
    And here's an example of so called 'Explanatory Story' that you can create with it: https://brainec.com/g/9eDLBbL9TVMb

    You can also export your story into a single *.html file.

    Happy to help you with creating such story for your project!

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    I am very well that this kind of writing takes a lot of effort, but they both use illustrations for very complex ideas:

    There's an excellent blog written by Tim on Transmitting Complex Ideas


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    Following the post. Sorry I don't know how to help

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