Growth July 3, 2020

Email Sequence : do you use them ?

Jason Miller @Sheepp

Hey IndieHackers !

I'm thinking about implementing an email sequence to SEOwl to activate free users and make them discover features they could have missed. Hopefully increasing the perceived value and the conversions.

I asked myself if this was worthwhile compared to other marketing stuff I could do with that time.

Have you implemented an email sequence in your own product ?
If yes, was it beneficial ? Could you share some before/after ?

Thanks !

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    Hi @Sheepp. I don't currently run an email sequence for Startup Sanctuary for the simple reason that I want to develop a sequence that is more personal and has a more human touch for the end recipient. I think it can often be annoying to receive emails day after day prompting me to sign up for courses or take a variety of different calls to action.

    However, I do think that creating a valuable email sequence, that is thoughtful and delivered with regard to genuinely wanting to improve the situation of the end recipient is possible.

    It is just about crafting the sequence in a way that conveys this value and how you and your brand can help.

    I'll be sure to do a post update once I put something together. Hope this helps.

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    It's absolutely worthwhile!

    If users are in the market and looking for a solution, it's likely they'll sign up to a few different platforms to see which one's right for them. And then forget about most of them. With an email sequence you can remind those sign ups why your platform is a great choice and highlight the benefits.

    We've got an onboarding email sequence set up that nurtures sign ups through the process of sending their first email. If they don't send an email with us, then it's unlikely they're ever going to become a paying customer. So it's important we get them to take that step. (we're an ESP – EmailOctopus, if you're interested).

    In the last two months alone these emails have delivered $250 of revenue. It's impossible to say whether or not these users would have converted with or without these emails. But when your analytics platform is showing that users are converting to paying customers via the links in those emails, it's enough to know you should be using them.

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      I should also add that in one email in our sequence, we ask new users why they signed up to our platform. A surprising number respond and these insights are invaluable.

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    Personally, when I receive email sequences, I will give them a chance on the first email. However, if I receive more than 2 in a week, and it’s nothing more than marketing some feature I don’t use, I unsubscribe. I rather discover feature when I log in. Not when I check my email.

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    Please don't :( It's just so annoying. Would love to see some real data though, mabye it's worth it.

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      What do you find annoying ? Does it lack of valuable information in general ?

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    I'm running email sequences for Logology:

    • A Welcome email right after the signup
    • An email with some tips to get the most ot of the UI a few days after the signup
    • An email asking for feedback and trying to get in touch with our cutomers a few days after the precedent.

    I don't have precise metrics for now, but it does work for a small amout of customers
    It's still a WIP tho!

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      Thank you for your comment :) Would be interesting to know if the numbers change if you don't do it or do it differently

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    I'm running cold email sequences right now to generate net new installs of my HubSpot CMS Theme - more on my approach here: