March 16, 2019

Employee onboarding for remote teams - AsyncMatic

Sooraj Chandran @soorajchandran

Looking for product feedback on
Signup required.
I also made a screencast just to make it easier


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    Hi Sooraj!

    I like the idea, the concept and the landing page: simple and elegant.

    Maybe I will add some more color and try to unify the different colors you have: blue (for links & button) & light purple (for underlines) in one.

    Also I think that the Onboard Employees & Team Management sections needs more vertical space between them and theirs sub-sections.

    If you're looking for more feedback & more detailed, I launched a feedback as a service tool, maybe you are interested.. At roastMe would love to help you with it, giving you expert feedback in all categories you want!

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      Thanks a lot for such detailed feedback. I guess I'll take most of it.
      Thanks for the roastme link, going to post there.

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