Empowering Individual Stock Investors - First Launch 🚀

Hello everyone! I’m Guillermo, CEO, and co-founder of Wisesheets. I am excited to announce that today is the day where we launch our product on Google Sheets as an add-on and we could not have done it without the Indie Hacker community!

The concept of Wisesheets began on Indie Hackers when I had an idea to help individual investors get access to financial data directly on their spreadsheet. This would effectively automate their financial analysis and allow them to focus on making educated investment decisions. I had the financial background but lacked the technical skills for implementation.

Coming from a business and finance background, I looked to partner with an engineer to turn this concept into something tangible. After looking on many places like Linkedin, Reddit, and Fiverr, I was disappointed that I was not able to find who I was looking for. Luckily, thanks to the Indie Hackers community, the Wisesheets team was formed.

This began with fellow Indie Hacker @jakechambers, who also recruited his fellow friend and colleague @sheldoncoates. Together they have become a key part of our company’s success as the masterminds behind the technology that enables our product.

Like any typical business journey, we have gone through many ups and downs, but every step of the way has made us wiser and more committed to empowering investors from all over the world to make better investment decisions.

Today is an important day for us because even though we have successfully developed our product on Excel and grown our customer base, we are not satisfied and believe there are still many opportunities available to grow and provide our customers with more value.

For this reason, we are launching the Wisesheets Google Sheets add-on. Similar to our Excel implementation, you will be able to get 19 years of financial statements, key-metrics, and growth-metrics for 14 different major stock exchanges in one click.

We are forever grateful to the Indie Hackers community and we would really appreciate it if you could support Wiseheets on Product Hunt so we can expand our reach and help more individual investors.

The link is in the comment section.

Best Regards,
The Wisesheets Team

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