Engineer looking to help create a SAAS product

I am an engineer with 3 year of experience looking to help create a SAAS product. I have experience with React on the frontend, NodeJS and Spring Boot on the backend.

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    Hello, we are working on a project. Shoot me an email if interested.

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    Hi Mark - I'm Shane from Virtual Self and I'm building a product to support people in better understanding, accessing and controlling their personal data. If this sounds like something that interests you or you'd like to learn more, please get in touch at [email protected] Thanks and best of luck.

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    Hi Mark!

    We could use a React and JavaScript developer for a SAAS language training platform. We have done a lot of business development and believe we have solid verification of the business model. If you might be interested either reach out to me or look further in this post and the post linked within: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/market-validation-check-zero-to-one-opportunity-check-mvp-help-full-stack-b1e0a597e9

    Would love to talk more!


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    Hey Mark, let's connect! We're nearly done our MVP but my friend (Developer on the project) is out of bandwidth.

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    Hi Mark, I'm building a shopify app, was wondering if you are interested in chatting. Looking for someone with very similar skillset to yours.

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    I have been working in SaaS for the past years and I will love to hear from you. Reach me out on tw @isabelastoleru

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    Hi Mark, I would like to start a platform like producthunt that will help companies. Let's say NDAhunt. The aim is simple. Companies will post their area of interest and confidental information and applicants will sign NDAs using hellosign api under the hood if they are allowed. The id verifications will be done via stripe payments..

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    Hey dude. I'm a backend dev. 5 years experience. Mostly worked with RoR, have some React experience. Currently interested in aws products and how they can be more accessible - so it's all about the user experience. I'm open to other ideas as well. Let's chat.

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    Hi, do you have a portfolio of work we can checkout? Any experience with Vue by chance?

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