Self Care November 1, 2020

England is going into lockdown. How did you survive / thrive in the first one?

Bryce Davies @brycedavies

England joins the rest of the UK in going back into lockdown next week. I want to go into this one with a much more positive attitude and put things in place to better weather the storm and even thrive.

What did you do during the last lockdown that you look back on and celebrate?

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    The most positive thing that I can I did is that I survived. I was already trying to deal with a huge loss before all of this started and haven't seen anyone besides my partner since march, except one time I met a friend in the parking lot for like half an hour. My family lives in the south hemisphere so when the wave was low here in July it was really high there because of winter. I've been scared shitless and really sad, but...

    • I still went outside for walks
    • Flat is not super dirty
    • I finished my masters
    • I'm working on a new project
    • I haven't gained too much weight
    • I got really obsessed with my hair? I always had cut it myself at home, but I started trying new hair products, changing routines, doing relaxations, bought a dryer diffuser and am taking tons of selfies, I guess it gives me a purpose to look in the mirror since I'm wearing pajamas all day
    • Subscribed to Artful box, to get arts and crafts materials and ideas, and bought some yarn. I'm knitting a scarf and my boyfriend is making amigurumis

    Overall I'm really proud of just generally keeping it together

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      I hope that feeling will help you keep you together over the winter months. ❤️

      What's your new project?

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        It's a game that helps you express yourself in another language! I recently joined indie hackers because of it

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    Just make sure to cut yourself some slack. Even though you're home more, and think you have more time to be "productive," there is a lot of mental load on you with such a different style of living than you're used to; give yourself some slack. You don't have to be ultra productive, or ship that new product you thought about, or lose 15 pounds.

    If you have some downtime, enjoy it.

    Buy some new books. When you have a moment instead of using your phone, the internet, or streaming video - read. It was a lot better for me than consuming digital media.

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    Optimise for staying in. Be at peace with it and make the time work.

    I've been watching Destin's series on YouTube about submarines (Smarter Every Day is his channel) and being in lockdown reminds me of that. I learned they have a very regimented routine every day to keep your body clock and mental health in check under the sea because of course day is night is night is day when you're down there.

    We were so lucky last lockdown because we got into YC so just worked our socks off at that. I'm planning to try to do the same this time and come out the otherside paler and vitamin D deficient but with a shed load of work done!

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    I manage to create Taggernauta, my first SaaS to automate audits for Google Tag Manager and I am grateful I have achieved that. Looking forward to developing it more during this new lockdown! We'll all need to refocus and control the controllable to have a more positive attitude!

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    Lock down is for prisoners and I am a free man. Hospitals are empty. Testing Centers are empty. Take a look for yourself. They are lying to us.

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    Because I had less clients, I had more time to work on side projects :

    • I created a blog for Paris Student Guide, a blog to help foreign students in Paris
    • I started organizing Zoom calls with international people, it was very fun.

    I also started to do pilates, and I've been loving it ever since !

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    Started my newlsetter last lockdown - which is still going strong.
    Also started reading again (sporadically) throughout lockdown - trying to do so more consistently this time around.

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    What's funny that at first lockdown in Russia I was able to pull myself together and lost some weight (was on a diet) and was waking up at 6 AM.

    I split my day into two parts: 6AM-10AM working on my project, then on full-time job.

    Waking up early helped me to work in silence. But the problem was that I got exactly 1 room in my flat, connected with kitchen, without doors. This made things a bit harder.

    But if you have a separate room, then it should be okay.

    You know what, I don't know if it works for others, but for me it definitely does: when you stop seeing other people, I consider this period as a period when I can do the most things (like being on a diet), and then when you return from lockdown, other people usually get more weight or complain that they were watching movies all day, while I can tell them that I've accomplished some results.

    This is some kind of motivation for me

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    "England joins the rest of the UK in going back into lockdown next week"

    The rest of the UK isn't in lockdown.

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      Lol, true, I don't keep up with all the news anymore. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    It's gonna be tough with kids with the bad weather (and we home school). The good weather was a huge help during the last lockdown. 😢

    I will always celebrate the fact that we juggled childcare / education and maintained full time work. After this, life will feel so easy when we reach some kind of normality.

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