Enjoy some facetime with friends and play a game of poker while social distancing


I'm a poker enthusiast and love playing with friends on weekends. With social distancing, that has come to an end. Using my engineering skills, I decided to build a webapp where you can mimic sitting around a table with group video calls. I did NOT want to build yet another "online poker", I wanted to build something more personal. So there are no auto deals, bets, auto small/big blinds etc. All actions requires clicking a button to keep it as close as possible to playing at a table. We only take care of shuffling the deck, and ensuring the cards are kept secure to prevent cheating. Again, the goal was not to compete with the major online casino's. This was created purely to socialize while social distancing.

You can check it out at https://pokerona.sharath.app.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    We'll try it with my friends Sharath! It looks really nice (haven't tested it though yet)

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    Hello everyone!
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    It is a great idea to do this, when bored. I have been doing something similar with my friends. We found a really cool foreign casino https://casino-korea.com where we have so much fun playing. It is crazy how funny can it get and we agreed that every saturday we play. That is something that I will be remembering from this dreadful time when I was unable to visit my family that live far away from me. I really want this pandemic to pass and hopefully everything will come back to normal. I feel really sorry for people that had losses during this time.

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    Poker is a good game. One of my favorites. Much better than damn casino. Because in a casino you control nothing. When you play poker, you can count cards and use a strategy. BTW, that's why I like sports betting too. Sports betting is a thing you can control using analysis and common sense. On the other hand, I've heard that people earn money in casino using strategy too. One of my friends sent me this https://azbookmakers.com/casino-sites list and told me about the strategy he had invented. I dunno, maybe I will try it.

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    In view of all these events in the world, social distance is very important even for friends. I am a huge fan of gambling, which is why at the beginning of the quarantine I started searching the Internet for a good and reliable place where I could find people with common interests and interesting pastime playing my favorite games. One day I found it on the Internet https://aucasinosonline.com/ and I fell in love, because this is a really great online casino where I feel comfortable spending my time

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    This is a great idea. I see it's down right now, but I'll check back again. Product Designer here- big gambling fan. If you want to collab ever, let me know!

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