Meetups September 29, 2020

Entrepreneur House

Joseph Johnson @buffalo_joe

I was curious if anyone knew of any "entrepreneur houses" (like the one in HBO's silicon valley)? I have found a few references online but think this would be very fun since it can be lonely in the startup world since you are working crazy hours and can't afford many friends who have "normal" lives.

Let me know if you guys have any thoughts:)

P.S mainly thinking about Austin, TX, Silicon Valley, and New York in terms of where these houses would be.

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    I’ve lived in Startup House in the Mission in SF a while back. I was in a startup accelerator so I was often surrounded by other Australian startup people. It was a crazy time. The place was pretty quiet, so there weren’t many people other than us aussies who temporarily took over the whole place.

    Later, we rented airbnbs with a few of the dudes and had a great “everyone gets up and works at the breakfast table, couch, benches, etc” vibe. I can recommend it, but only if you’re in with other great executors who are getting things done (which I was lucky enough to be with). It would be a nightmare if everyone was just going around in circles, shouting BLOCKCHAIN IS THE FUTURE MAN, and not building anything. Or only coding and not talking to each other.

    Tricky balance to hit, but I was lucky and I think of those days fondly.

    You should apply for an accelerator, if for nothing other than the people you’d meet at interviews.

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      That sounds amazing, do you happen to have a link/know the name of the startup house or ones similar?

      I agree with your second point also, having someone constantly talking and not doing would be a huge distraction. I am definitely thinking about an accelerator so I can move quicker and break things. Thanks for your comment:)

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    I bet a lot of other people are searching too. Consider making a directory of them. If you do, sign me up.

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      I would be interested in an Austin one

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      I honestly might just make a simple website for people to apply. Don't want to take equity in someone's business but I think the real value would just being in that atmosphere. Let me know if you're interested and I'll keep you posted.

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