May 4, 2019

Entrepreneurship and marriage

Josh Sherman @joshtronic

My wife secured her first paying customer for her budget consulting recently.

Entrepreneurship has always been my thing, and our relationship (celebrated our 12 year anniversary recently) has been through the ups and downs of it all. Even survived yet another stint of me quitting my job (as the sole earner supporting a wife and child) to pursue a side project recently :planecrash:

It's great to see that she's not only found something she's passionate about, but also something she's been able to turn into a viable revenue stream. Real proud papa bear moment for sure.

Would love to hear more relationship war stories, also feel free to AMA

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    Me and my wife came fresh out of uni 8 years ago (girlfriend back then) with the brilliant plan to start our own business (terrible plan). We lived with my parents for 5 years, pivoting and trying to make our business work.

    We never had a 9 to 5 job, which I guess is both a blessing and a curse. Jumping straight into business with no market experience have put us on the slow track. But we love what we do and aim to do it forever.

    The last 2 years our business have sustained us, owning our flat and continuing to build our business. We are not quite there yet, but living very materialistic and growing bit by bit.

    Working together is my favourite part of waking up every morning. 😊

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    My husband started a business that I helped out with. Then a few years later (after it hadn't worked out), I started doing my own thing, then he came on board to help me :)

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      That's awesome! Team work makes the dream work :)

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        Right on. It's great to see couples lift each other up.

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    My wife has just started her journey into growing her service based business. Having left her full time job and taking on a part time job to free up days to work on her business.

    I’ve tinkered with ideas a few times in the past and never really got anywhere, but had fun along the way.

    What I’m excited for is all the challenges she will face as she grows the business and I’m hoping that helps identify issues that I might be able to solve with technology.

    We already have one that we are going to attack together. I’m excited.