Entrepreneurship gives you that freedom to figure things out, to understand what's really going on...

"All of history has guided us to this point. Everything that exists is a result of everything that has happened. And that's what's so crazy about entrepreneurs — we're trying to change what got us here. We're trying to identify problems from our experiences of life, and improve things. Entrepreneurship actually gives you that freedom to figure things out, to understand what's really going on. You get to experience the fullness of life because you're not sheltered by your job anymore. This exposure to what's really going on made my life much more full, especially when I realized that my business would do better if I improved personally. Like, if I can become an early riser, I can focus better. If I eat well, I will feel better and I'm going to produce clearer thoughts and better work. So, that's been a big part of my entrepreneurial journey, just improving myself. But you have to be willing to give up some things too. Like, you might have to be willing to give up an income for a while, or some glamorous thing that you think is gonna make you happy. Because it's not all just fun, right? It's gonna be a lot of work. But you do it because, hopefully, it's gonna take you somewhere that you will be happier to be."⠀

Corey Gwin • 34 • San Diego, California⠀
Founder of Blurt ($717/mo)

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