Community Building July 3, 2020

Esports enthusiasts reveal yourselves!


I've been following League of Legends since the very (very) early days, excited about big tournaments such as the Worlds competition, and other main events.

In general, Esports is a growing market and I want to connect with other makers that genuinely just love the concept and share the excitement. It would be cool to chat and discuss some ideas :)

Comment here or we can chat on twitter:

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    I wonder how much someone switch between games?

    I'm a StarCraft 2 avid follower and while I've tried to watch something else I always comeback to SC2.

    I have this idea to create a calendar / listing to see when is the next game so I don't miss it, but make it in a way that's way simpler than (althought I have to admit for the same reason it would have less features)

    Here's an screenshot using the NFL as example, but you can tell that page can be skinned to support any other sport / esport (just like twitch)


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    I actually just launched a new service for eSport Players and Teams to create a public profile for themselves to help each other get discovered:

    I'm to busy building stuff though to game these days!

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      That's cool! I had a similar idea of helping semi and pro players have their on format of a "resume".

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        Yeah, this is kind of that same goal. Simple, easy place to share your skills, games, platforms and bio. Hope to get some growth.

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    I would absolutely love to be involved in eSports in what ever way possible (though my max of Gold elo in league won't see me participating 😂).

    As a lifetime of gaming across many consoles it truly is a part of my life and a passion that I'm passing onto my son also.

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    I watched Worlds in 2013 from a live viewing party at The Foundry on SF and had an amazing time. Haven't kept up much with LoL specifically since then, but have gotten into other games and streamers now that the whole idea of esports has become a lot more mainstream.

    I'm waiting for a good idea to come along, cause I'd really like to be able to start something esports-related. Seems like all of my ideas so far haven't been unique or useful enough.

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      Can relate, did not come up with something that I think can be of service

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    To be honest, I don't think that League of legends could be such perspective as Dota 2. Every gamer played dota, but not all of them played in lol. So, I think that it is better to develop in this direction of cybersport. I have already started to play and used MMR boost here to pump my character. I want to play with high-level players.

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    I'm here!

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    Bit late but I've built an eSports site dedicated to making esports easier to watch and support.

    It's made up of three parts really

    The main part is matches. It has a 24/7 live stream of pro matches, details about teams and players, tournament overviews, schedules and rankings. Basically everything you need to know what's on right now.

    Second part is VoDs. So match replays and highlights. You can search our VoD database or go to a tournament and see all the VoDs for that series. These are constantly updated.

    Finally is news. This isn't an aggregator, we write and curate all the articles and only focus on esports. We don't cover streamer gossip or things like that.

    Check out

    I'd loveto hear feedback from anyone who uses it