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Establish a website


Hello guys, I want to create a website to sell basic 3 products, so it would be very user-friendly and basic. What suggestions do you make when setting up this site? What are the simplest ways to go about getting paid and choosing a theme? Thanks in advance.

  1. 3 was built by @truedrew a fellow IH and I believe it is very affordable.

    Setting up a Shopify can be daunting but is also a solution built for ecomm and people enjoy it.

    I can't even imagine a Wordpress site with 50 plugins.

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      Thanks for the mention, @volkandkaya!

      @Rikamekato, if you have fairly simple products, Really Simple Store could work well... it's only $5/month, unlimited products, and you can put the products on any website. That way, you can choose the best website provider, not ecommerce provider.

      For the site itself, I highly recommend Versoly (Really Simple Store's marketing site is built with Versoly)... you can get a site up fast without much effort, but you can also take that site really far when it comes to customization and features. Since you can edit the code, you can add Really Simple Store embed code to sell products. I need to do a demo video showing that, but it's not too hard at all.

      I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

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    +1 for shopify. Probably the lowest barrier to entry for setting up a simple e-commerce site. Even as a dev I'd probably use just for the quick turn around for getting a shop setup.

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    You might want to give Weebly a try. Super easy to setup and low rate @Rikamekato

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    I run a basic ecomm store on Wordpress with Woocommerce. While it's simple and fast to set up, maintainence and worrying about security is a real pain in the a**.

    I'm now planning to move over to a JAMstack static site (stackbit, gatsby, netlify, github) + shopping cart API (snipcart) for better speed and security. I tried Stackbit before, able to set up a site within minutes. This post is helpful:

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    I would go with Wordpress and WooCommerce integration if I were you. The basic Shopify plan is around 30 dollars. Whereas you can get many professional looking free WordPress themes and you are then only paying for a domain name, hosting and SSL cert. Works out cheaper in the long run.

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    Use WordPress "Hello" theme with "Hello child" theme,
    install the following plugins:

    1. Elementor
    2. Elementor pro - payed 39$ per year I think
    3. Woocommerce
    4. Yoast seo - use the free version
    5. Wp-rocket - payed (can wait till end of development)

    You will need to select CC provider for checkout or use PayPal

    If your interested I can offer my services for the full process of design & development , contact me : benzvi.shach[email protected]

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    Have you looked at Shopify? It's pretty easy and quick to get a basic store up and running.