European indie hackers, what bank are you using for you business account?

I'm a German resident and setting up a business entity for my side projects right now.

What bank are you using and have made good experiences with?

I have Penta and N26 on my radar.

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    I am using Revolut Business. There is no need to be a UK resident and you can open it online. Only good words, no issues. They have a free plan as well, which is awesome when you are just starting.

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      Thanks for the hint 👍

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    I use Starlimg and really like it. It’s free, has a great interface and does everything I need.

    I believe it’s only for UK residents though. Back when I lived in Germany, I was using Fidor Bank which worked great as well.

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      Thanks for the hint. I remember trying Fidor with another company I worked with and did not like the experience.

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      Didn't know this one. Looks interesting. Seems to be UK only.

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    getcoconut.com for daily banking and managing expenses and tax returns, Stripe.com for client payments with links to GBP, USD and EUR accounts with Transferwise.com

    All easy to setup, simple to use and very low cost. Incredible really!

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      Coconut looks really nice. Looks like they are focused on the UK market. Unfortunately Germany has some tight (i.e. paranoid) taxation rules, so I doubt it will work for me :(
      Stripe and Transferwise are a no brainer 👍

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    Transferwise.com and their borderless business account. Been using them for several years, without any troubles.

    • Receiving USD into TW USD currency
    • Receiving EUR into TW EUR currency
    • Receiving several other currencies - since you can just click and have new currency account (almost)
    • Paying out invoices (in batches too), employees, contractors around the whole world

    I am not affiliated with them at all. They are really good. Saved a lot of money on multi-currency transfers too.

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      Yes, transfer wise is fantastic! I have been using it for a few years now. Had some problems with the IBAN not being accepted by some institutions that's why I am looking for another one. But for international transfers transfer wise is the go to bank.

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