Ever heard of a Search Fund?

Here is a summary description I collated about Search Funds: https://www.canva.com/design/DAERH1oLQYk/EEYQF13dFXtlY6_It8PRRA/view?utm_content=DAERH1oLQYk&utm_campaign=designshare

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    Like with all group fund models, I think you can succeed by finding a niche, instead of a general LP base, maybe go after tech execs or owners of local small businesses and go find a business to buy.
    Also I dont know where I heard this but dont most search funds end up buying a bunch of fast food franchises and cash flow off of that? If I was a general LP then I would be pissed to pay all those fees.

    One could also create a kickstarter for search funds, that would be the software play here, like how angellist has automated most of the VC fund back office, you could automate most search fund back/mid offie.

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      Hey Naveen, I appreciate the reply! Definitely agree with niche LPs. That would be crazy to pay fees on some franchise buys!

      I do like the crowdfunding for search funds idea! I was thinking Republic would be basically this. Do you think there is room for differentiation?

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        Not republic/seedinvest but is there sifferentiation opportunity.
        Lots of people are doing MIcro PE, if there was a way for me to look at all the Micro PE operators their verticals and history( or some proxy for return) then that would be killer.

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          Again free advice is free because it worthless, YMMV, and all caveats included, I would say start with a boring name, be the safe default choice for folks like me

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