Every Indie Hacker needs to read this🚀

A mathematics professor wrote the following on the blackboard:

9x 1= 9
9x 2=18
9x 3=27
9x 4=36
9x 5=45
9x 6=54
9x 7=63
9x 8=72
9x 9=81

Many mockeries were made in the lecture hall because the professor had made a mistake.

9x10=91 ! Since the correct answer is 90. The whole room laughed at him.

The professor waited until everyone was quiet again, then he said: "This is how you are seen in the world. I made this mistake on purpose to show you how the world behaves in the face of a single mistake. None of you congratulated me for having done everything right and been right nine times.

None who saw you do the right thing and praised you for it. But all the people hurt you, blasphemed you, and humiliated you because you were wrong only once. That is life!

We must learn to appreciate people for "their successes".

There are people who do much more what is right than wrong, and - in the end are judged by one mistake, - and are not judged by the other nine hits.
This works for all of us. More praise and less criticism. More love and affection and less hate and cruelty.

Let us learn to appreciate each other instead of destroying each other.🌎🚀

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